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How could we celebrate our sensuality? Simple, through sensual touch. Erotic touching is an ingredient that brings spontaneity and delight to a relationship.
So, let’s remember together this forgotten language which is an essential form of nourishment – a source of happiness, healing and pleasure.


  • Sensual massage should be an act of love.
  • Don’t give a massage if you feel too tired.
  • Choose a place where you know you will not be interrupted.
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
  • You need a supportive base and plenty of room to be able to move around your lover.
  • Use a towel to cover any areas of the lover’s body you are not massaging which start to feel

  • Use a dry, warm towel for wiping off oil from your hands or your lover’s body, especially the
    feet, at the end of the massage.

  • Take a bath or shower together before you start.

Tantra Magazine


  • FAN STROKES:Place your hands side by side with your fingers close
    together and pointing in the direction of the stroke. Glide both hands steadily over
    the skin, distributing the pressure evenly across your hands. When your hands stroke as
    far as you wish to take them, spread them both outwards in opposite directions to make a
    shape like a fan, maintaining a steady pressure as you move them apart. Round your stroke
    to complete the fan shape, and at the same time, begin to draw your hands more lightly
    back together as you do so. Repeat the stroke as a flowing motion.

  • CIRCULAR STROKES:Place your hands over the sides of the body, slipping your
    fingers slightly underneath. Now pull one hand towards you, then the other, sliding the
    pressure from the heel to the fingertips each time. As one hand reaches the center, lift
    it off and replace it over the side of the body to repeat the stroke, maintaining a
    continuous pulling motion.

  • STRETCHING:Place your hands together, fingertips pointing away from you,
    over the center of the spine or the area that you want to release with a stretching
    movement. Firmly and steadily draw your hands in opposite directions. When stretching over
    the spine, take one hand to the top and rest the other at the base.

  • RAKING STROKES:Bend your fingers so that just the tips rest on the skin and
    make short, firm movements down or out from the body. Use both hands together or let one
    hand follow the other.

  • FEATHER STROKES:Delicately trace your fingertips over the skin, using one
    hand after the other in a continuous movement, or lingering playfully with just one hand
    at a time. Change the pressure and speed of your strokes slightly to vary the sensations
    of your touch.