The whole of the body is an erogenous zone capable responding sensually and sexually to touch and stimulus.
As your hands explore the whole body, they will diffuse attention from the obvious sexual zones and start to discover the enormous potential for sensual pleasure elsewhere.

From head to toe, your massage can unravel the erotic mystique of your partner’s body as you realize the range of subtle and intense responses that your contact and strokes can bring.

A man, who may will belive that sexuality is genitally based, will enjoy discovering what other areas of his body can give intense physical pleasure.

A woman’s sexuality tends to be far less genitally focused than a man’s. Her arousal may be slower, but no less profound, and her sensual responses are heightened when care is taken to cherish and touch her entire body. Most women and many men, respond deeply to tender caresses and all the intimate ways of physical contact that assure them they are loved for who they are.

When you are giving a sensual massage, do not concentrate on stimulating the erogenous zones purely for effect. See the body as an integrated whole, alive to your contact and ready to transmit responses throughout its entire system.

Let your touches and strokes constantly affirm your appreciation of your lover’s whole body and person. In doing so, both of you can experience a deepening and expansion in the quality of your physical and emotional communication.

Tantra Magazine

The lips and mouth are highly sensitive to touch, which enhances sensuality

Stroking the lower belly can have a relaxing effect, heightening sexual responses and expectations

The breasts give intensely pleasurable and erotic sensations when gently stroked

The nipples respond to tender caresses, increasing feelings of sexual arousal

The inner thighs can release sexual tensions when massaged, helping sensuality to flow

The pad of the big toe, stimulated by massage can trigger a sexual response throughout the body

The back of the knee is exquisitely sensitive to soft stroking and gentle touching

The groin, in close proximity to the genitals is a highly erogenous area

Caressing the nape of the neck elicits strong feelings of arousal

The buttocks are highly erogenous and respond favorably to strong, vigorous strokes

The armpit and the soft inner arm can feel delightful when stroked gently

The earlobes quickly transmit sensual stimuli when touched, as responses of deep pleasure