The act of eating together can be a sensual one. Furthermore, food and lovemaking have, throughout history, been linked with each other. Some lovers find that certain foods revive particular memories. Perhaps a meal out in a foreign restaurant reminds them of a wonderful holiday together. Even cooking a meal for each another at home can be a great start to foreplay.

Take every opportunity to feed each other tasty food; linger over the meal; dress or undress for the occasion as the mood takes you and truly romance one another.

Dancing together, whether in public or private, can be a stimulating start to foreplay. A good deal of dancing is a kind of public, symbolic and vertical intercourse, however in private you can dance with your lover to your favorite music in an uninhibited way, which would be quite inappropriate in public. Tease and slowly undress each other as you dance. This can quite easily develop into a delicious strip in which one of you teases the other without physical contact.

Adventurous couples dress up especially for their private dance. You can relive a favorite holiday, event, or fantasy. The woman can pretend to be a ‘hostess’ at a club and entertain her man in the way she knows he most enjoys. The man might dress up in his best suit or even a dinner jacket and "pick her up" as if he were at formal public dance and they had just met. The variations are endless.

Try "massaging" your lover with interesting and erotic objects. Furs, leather, feathers, hot air from a hair dryer, ice and so on which can all produce delicious sensations. Make sure that the heat is not too hot and the ice is not straight from the freezer. Both can burn the skin, especially sensitive skin on the nipples and genitals.

Tongue massage or bathing is another sensual type of foreplay. Lick or bathe your lover’s body all over with your tongue. Be adventurous and go into previously unexplored nooks and crannies.

Use parts of your body that you would never normally think of using to massage your lover. For example, you can both use your feet or thighs; a woman can use her breasts, and so on.

Many people enjoy being tied up so that they are at the mercy of their lover. A recent survey revealed that about one fifth of women in the UK make such games a part of their lovemaking. When tying one another up in a playful way, be careful not to use rope or anything that hurts the skin. Always have an agreed sign that means that you’ll always let the other free.

Fingers can play a vital role in adventurous pleasuring, as the hands are a sensitive part of the body – especially the fingertips. Take time to reduce the lovemaking temperature a little as you caress each other’s fingers both with your hands and in your mouth. Sucking fingers drives most people wild with passion in a few minutes. Kiss the hand tenderly, massaging the palm with a little oil.

Many women enjoy their man’s fingers inside their vagina as part of foreplay pleasuring. Any woman who has had intercourse can easily take two fingers inside of her and a considerate man should discover what she best likes. For some women, many fingers stretching the vaginal opening are what they best like; for others, caressing the cervix is exquisite; for others, one or two fingers inserted just at the entrance and kept perfectly still is the best. The women can lie in various positions for this game. On her side with one leg drawn up, gives her a completely new sensation; so does having her on all fours or even lying on her tummy. This game can lead to playing with her G-spot, which is the sensitive area on the front of her vaginal wall.


Tongue bathing is exciting and stimulating but kissing deeply and all kinds of creative licking games are also firm favorites. How about putting something delicious on your lover’s skin and licking it off? This is especially nice on the breasts or nipples, but can also include the genitals.

When he comes to perform cunnilingus, he could cover the whole area with yoghurt or some other creamy food and lick it off slowly.

How far to take this mouth play towards non-ejaculatory orgasm is up to the individual but the idea of such creative foreplay is to raise the sexual appetite so that you both want each other desperately and cannot wait to make love.

For the multiple orgasmic woman (of course we are talking about non-ejaculatory orgasm that means that the woman feels intensive pleasure without loosing sexual energy) this level of foreplay gives her the chance to have a profound orgasm, several times before being entered.

Lastly, aural lovemaking – or verbal sensual fantasizing – is a great turn-on for most couples. Learn about each other’s fantasies and then take it in turns to talk each other through them when pleasuring each other prior to intercourse. The secret is to include lots of details and to be sure to get the detail exactly right by feedback from your lover. Ask question such us, "What would she/he be wearing?" or "What would she/he be doing?"

Once you have found out what best excites and arouses your lover, don’t deviate from it. Use the same details every time, as they become a sort of sexual talisman. Many people know exactly how to bring their lovers to orgasm just by telling them the right story in the right way.

This sort of adventurous foreplay personalizes lovemaking between lovers in a way that makes it delicious for both of them. It is also a unique way to communicate both physically and mentally.

Such adventurous foreplay takes time and effort to practice and makes it perfect.