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Any real, true male representative has a couple o skeletons in his closet. Unlike women, men are said to be straightforward and lacking any hidden places.

Nonetheless, when it comes to hiding their most “embarrassing”, outrageous and pretty obvious secrets, they may turn into some Machiavellians. However, some of them have the courage to face the cruel facts and this is the result:

The most important issue: his masculinity! Check these out: the studies indicate that a great deal of men (in fact the percentages are crushing) is masturbating.

This is not a bad thing, because the better he knows himself, the better will you also know how to please him. However, there are also extremes.

Here are the confessions of some “addicts”: “men usually do it once a day”; or: “I am involved in a serious, stable relationship with a woman whom I love. Sometimes, I “caress” myself even two or three times a day. But you understand that if I asked her for a helping hand, she would consider me a sexual freak. So I do it myself.”

Ladies, be more open minded as regards your lover’s sexual “peculiarities”, because who knows, you might even enjoy it. You may get a striptease number for free, a peep show included, not to mention a greater intimacy and joyfulness.

However, there is also great news: men confess that masturbation does not mean that they want more sex. In fact, they may simply want to get into a different mood. And they know the way.

So, why not join them and even show them how to do it? Of course that we talk about masturbation without losing semen.

Another proud representative says that one other reason for caressing the big thing hanging in between their legs curiosity…they want, or maybe need to know how the proud thing will look in due time.

Another understandable peculiarity is the fact that they measure their phallus . A spicy remark made by one proud representative: “this should be done when hard, and place the ruler on the upper part of the phallus, because the other variant (placing the ruler below) is theft. You steal some centimeters.”

Another proud remark: “whenever I’m in a public bathroom, I can’t help peeking to see if the others have bigger equipment than me.”

Another sexual curiosity of men: they simply like naked women! If you did not find any XXX magazines or videos in his closet, this means that you did not look close enough.

The statistics indicate that almost 50% of men purchase the so-called “adult” material one form or the other. And nowadays, with the flood of information on the net, this percent is even greater. However, they do not consider this as a capital sin.

Therefore, it is better for you and why not, for him, if you become more open-minded and share a decent degree of his interest in “naked” subjects.

You may be surprised of the results! He will definitely be stunned to see you treating this “taboo” aspect of his life as natural and even pleasant for you.

“We like the smell of our stinky feet; in fact we love the smell of our body, including here the armpit odors.” However, almost paradoxically one might say, men take great care of the way they look, although they hide it carefully, and even if they apparently mock you for using different and numerous face and body lotions, powder and so on.

In fact, they may waste much more time in the bathroom, oiling and cleansing different parts of their body than even their girlfriends.

You may think that they are taking a shower or doing some other private things, when in fact they may simply stare in the mirror, trying on some different smiles or arranging their hair, so that you will be devastated by their killer looks.

Please, do not despair: there are also wonderful secrets they have for us. For instance, did you know that they love your perfume…they smell hungrily and of course secretly your hair, they die to make you leave the room only to thrust their face in the pillow that still carries your perfume.

Maybe he will not admit these things even if you cast a spell on him, but he loves your smell and is desperate to hold any thing that carries it.

There are men that sleep in their lover’s T-shirts, only because these casual T-shirts still carry their perfume. And they definitely melt when they see you in the morning in your dressing gown, just coming out of the shower, fresh and bright.