Now you are ready for a more advanced level. You are prepared to use your new knowledge during the sexual intercourse in order to help yourself and your lover reach together ecstatic states.

As you have already noticed, from the great variety of exercises, there is a number of ways in which you can practice the concentrations.

During the sexual intercourse you can alternate the pushing and contracting rhythms and to vary your contractions – letting them be short and powerful or constant and long holdings.

During the intercourse, you can use the following techniques. Like in the case of the previous exercises, you should not hurry but choose one – two exercises and practice them until you master them.

Raise your legs on your lovers shoulder while he knees in front of you. Alternate the squeezing of your thighs with the contractions from the sexual exercises, in the interval between his slow pushes.

Tantra Magazine

Tantra Magazine

This will increase the friction during his movements and will generate new wonderful sensations for both of you.

With your knees bent, sit in a riding position on your lover who is lying on his back. Push his penis inside and hold it tight for a long time using your vaginal muscles.

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While he relaxes, imagine that you pull it deeper and you make it longer and longer.

Lie on your back in the feather position (with a leg on your lovers shoulder and with the other one bent embracing your lovers thigh).

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While your lover penetrates you, focus on squeezing the side parts of his penis with your vaginal muscles. Alternate the forth and back movements with a vigorous pulsating rhythm.

Stay above your lover who is lying on his back. Bend at his chest, squeeze his penis and move your hips roundly, in a slow cycle, five times.

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Then stop and relax the tightening. Then squeeze again and rotate your hips in the opposite direction. Go on like this until both of you are completely aroused.

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