Physiologically, the breasts are meant to help lactation, but this physiological function that occurs only on a limited interval is surpassed by the aesthetic function, which is a criteria for a lifetime.

Feeling that you really look great means also that your breasts look great, as they play an important part in expressing your feminity.

Treating your breasts with special attention is the same with defending your capital of beauty and health, required for a good morale.

As the fashion is always changing, presenting once small breasts and then big breasts, the beauty of the breasts does not truly lie in their volume. The same is valid for their shape.

Some people prefer the “apple-shape”; others prefer the “pear-shape”. Their beauty lies rather in the way a woman values her breasts.

You may be one of the 80 percent women who consider that they have ugly breasts. This is as wrong as it can be. Each breast has a beauty of its own and it always moves the person looking at it.

Beautiful, firm, tonic breasts depend mainly on a good hormonal balance. From an esoteric point of view, a woman with beautiful breasts is a clear sigh that in her being the Yin and Yang energies are pretty much balanced.

The hormonal balance influenced by the hypothalamus – a nervous area situated in the brain – is varying according to the psychic state of the woman.

Because of this, a tonic, optimistic, happy woman will have firmer breasts than a depressed one.

If the form and the volume of your breasts may not be changed unless you undergo surgery, at least you will know how to delay the sagging of the breasts.

Simple hygiene rules, as well as avoiding negligence will help you have beautiful breasts for a long time.

In time, the elastic fibers sustaining the breasts are weakened by the weight of the breasts.

Consequently, the bra is necessary as soon as your breasts become big. It helps the skin not to lose its elasticity.

Moreover, regardless of the dimensions of your breasts, the bra is compulsory while practicing sports, especially jogging and other sports that make the breasts subject to trepidations.

You may drop the bra while swimming. Also wear a bra during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Chose the bra according to your constitution, and not according to the fashion. It should be not too loose, nor too tight, and the cups should fit the form of your breasts.

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