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“The person who practices the high Tantric teachings becomes capable of perceiving all subtle vibrations, of directing them and making them ascend through the central channel, the Great Axis of the Subtle Body. When the four signs appear (a strong light in front of the eyes, smoke, trembling, and a cold radiant light, like that of a lamp) then that person is free.”

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After a simple meditation on the Subtle Centers, the practitioner has to perform techniques which lead to the awakening of the fundamental energy, Kundalini (contraction of the anal sphincters, mental repetition of the seed-sound “hum”, retaining of the breath and erotic visualizations).

Further, visualize the image of Brahma appearing from the lotus of the navel, resplendent and radiant, surrounded by Kundalini’s radiation. Visualize Brahma’s appearance spreading light all around and identify yourself with it.

Then, focus Kundalini in the area of the heart center. Imagine her erotic energy penetrating this lotus and creating Vishnu (the Master of the seas, emotions, and blood flow in the body). Once more identify yourself with the appearance of Vishnu, the keeper.

Furthermore, direct Kundalini up to the crown lotus, where it reaches the pure domain of Shiva, the Transcendent. Hold your breath. If you practice this type of meditation while making love, you will avoid ejaculatory discharge. Try to enter into the blissful union between Kundalini Shakti and the male principle Shiva.

Tantra Magazine
Some late Tantras give complex descriptions of the chakras by using sounds, colors, gods, seed-sounds, numbers of petals, psychological elements and qualities that from a synthesis of the connection between the inner and outer aspects of a human being.

Understanding the Subtle Body and chakra systems is the first step in reaching an ultimate state of Freedom, it is recommended to learn about them and take into account their basic structure.

Esoteric teaching states that the true desire for spiritual evolution must be met with conscious action in order to develop the Subtle Body. Though the basic structure and energies exist in each and every one of us, they must be awakened, focused and directed in a conscious manner.

Body, mind, and emotions should be directed in a conscious flow of energy to evoke the Subtle Body, which then serves as a source of power, intelligence to overcome the limits of the physical universe. This is one of the most important secrets of the Tantric tradition.

The famous secret treaty Shiva Samhita introduces us to an impressive meditation technique used to awaken Kundalini and the Subtle Body.

Practice: “Focus your mind on the chakra at the sacral area, contract the anus while holding the breath. Meditate on the God of Love (Kama), who dwells in this chakra. Visualize Kundalini waking up as a shining, subtle flame, whose nature is the divine intelligence itself. Picture in your mind the sexual union between the God of Love and Kundalini in the form of a flame, which makes the sexual energy enter the central nadi (Sushumna), successively penetrating the Chakras on its way up. Also picture the subtle red and white channels, on the right and left side of Sushumna, emitting an enchanting light pink color, which feeds and harmonizes your entire being.”

Tantra Magazine

Tantric texts also refer to a chakra situated on top of the head. It is poetically described as the Lotus with a Thousand Petals, which the Shiva Samhita describes as being “beyond the micro cosmos of the body”.

All great spiritual masters are perceived as having total control over the huge energy in this chakra. Different traditions have come up with various types of meditation techniques for this supreme chakra, yet all agree with the fact that, the practitioner who focuses on this chakra comes in contact with the source and the cause of Creation.

By awakening natural inner powers, through different Tantric techniques, you will in fact realize the harmony between the psyche and the cosmos. People have practiced certain Tantric meditation techniques for thousands of years.

Nowadays, more and more people become familiar with these and prove their extraordinary efficiency. Understanding the subtle body is an extremely important aspect for those who want to explore their psyche.

Tantric couples particularly should explore their psyche more than the physical aspects during intercourse. Lovemaking offers numerous possibilities for discovering new things about another person. It is practically the only act that can give life.

Tantra Magazine
Consequently, sexual love has profound mystical values. If a couple can learn how to use their sexual power in a creative manner, other than for procreation, they will gradually and intuitively discover the mysteries beyond this world.

The Subtle Body is the vehicle which helps the practitioner to go freely through this life to the future one and to enjoy the delights of the spirit.