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Esoteric treaties state that just as every being has a physical body, both men and women are surrounded by an “aura” of subtle energy (also known as the Subtle Body) which is visible to the sensitive eye.

The different subtle energies exist in the body generating a kind of subtle energetic field around the physical body, namely the aura, perceived only by people with paranormal capacities.

The aura changes co lour and shape according to the emotions and thoughts a man experiences; the co lour and shape of an aura may vary according to the physical structure of that person.

The aura is said to have the property to contract or dilate. For instance, a happy person has got a “vibrant aura”, shining and radiant; but the aura of a sad, angry person is contracted, constricted and tensed, according to his negative emotions.

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Scientific research in the past few years has come to accept the traditionalist vision on the aura. Thus, the photos obtained through the method of Kirlian photography clearly show the changes that take place in the structure and co lour of an aura.

The existence of an “aural field” or “chi” energy around the human body is the foundation for a lot of theories, which attempt to explain telepathy and other extrasensory phenomena.

Andrija Puharich, in his book “Beyond telepathy”, has biologically and physically proved the existence of the “chi” field of energy. In fact, the demonstration is a synthesis of Yogi and Shamanist teachings and it relies on the most accurate observations of subtle fields of energy.

In the Yogic treaty “Shiva Samhita” we find a clear explanation of the nature of the Subtle Body:

“In this body, the Great Central Axe (which is the Meru Mountain, i.e. the spine) is surrounded by seven islands (the vital force, blood, flesh, fat, bones, marrow and sperm/eggs). There are “rivers” and “seas” there, as well as prophets, wise men, gods, goddesses, intelligent beings, all the stars and planets, the sacred places of pilgrimage, altars and guardian deities.

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There is also the Sun, the Moon, factors of creation and destruction, the five Great Elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. In the Great Central Axe there are all creatures, of all universes.

In this body, called Brahmanda (Brahma‘s “egg” or “aura”) we find an entire macrocosm and the “Moon” from which the divine nectar springs. It lies at the upper top of the spine facing down, allowing the nectar to spring forth night and day.

From a subtle point of view the ambrosia of the “Moon” has two “branches”: the first nourishes the body and keeps it alive, descending through the left side of the spine, resembling the River Ganges.

The other, shiny as the purest milk, comes in through the right channel of the spine maintaining and refreshing the “Moon” placed on top of the Great Axe.

The “Sun” is situated at the inferior region of the spine. From this inner “Sun”, placed in the area of the navel, a subtle channel springs, which leads the solar (Yang) energy upwards, through the force of its own rays, in the right side of the body.

This channel on the right side is another form of the “Sun” and it goes through the entire body, uplifting vital emanations and leading the soul to the Ultimate state of Freedom.

The human body is made up of roughly a few hundred thousand subtle channels, but of these, only 14 are of great importance. Of these 14, 3 are of utmost importance. They are: Ida (on the left side), Pingala (on the right side) and Sushumna (in the center).

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Sushumna is the most important subtle channel. Ida is on the left side of the body and it “wraps” around Sushumna, in a spiral like movement, until it gets to the right nostril.

Pingala is on the right side of the body and it “wraps” around Sushumna until it gets to the left nostril. The one who gets to know the mysteries of his own body and the micro cosmos contained therein will undoubtedly experience the highest state of consciousness.”

All ancient Tantric writings deal with solar – lunar symbolism, with the “sun” situated in the area of the navel and the “moon” situated on the crown of the head. They all mention that there are 3 main subtle channels (Ida, Pingala and Sushumna).

For instance, in Gheranda Samhita we find that, “The Sun is situated at the navel and the Moon at the root of the palatal arch.”

The subtle Body connects people to cosmic elements, it is a bridge between this world and the one beyond.