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ETYMOLOGY: the translation of SAHAJA AGNISARA DHAUTI is “the abdominal purification through blood and the subtle essence of fire.”


Stand on your feet, soles parallel and a little spread, place your hands a little lower than the waistline.

Place the thumbs on the back, beneath the last rib, and the other fingers next to the belly button.

The fingers from the left hand will not touch those from the right hand. The middle fingers should have 2-3 cm space between them.

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Bend your knees, and lean forward a little. This position allows the abdominal muscles to relax, and allows you to perform the profound massage of the abdomen, the next step.

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You will massage using both your hands, in each direction, in turns. In order to do this, you have to press the abdomen with your fingers in a constant and firm manner. The hands form a kind of reversed cone, at the level of the solar plexus, and the pressure should be sufficient to press the navel on the back.

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In the beginning, you may experience a sensation of pain while pressing. In this case, you will not press too hard.

The over-weighted persons will not be able to press the navel on the back, but still they have to try to massage deeply the abdomen, as this simple exercise will gradually eliminate the fat.

While performing this exercise, try to perceive the flows of energy through the arms, palms, and fingers to Manipura chakra. If there are painful areas, mentally focus energy in those areas.

After performing this exercise, perceive the relief of the tensions and stress accumulated in this area of the abdomen, the profound massage of the abdominal organs, the activation of Manipura chakra.


  • This exercise destroys many different types of bacilli from the abdomen because it brings an increased quantity of blood and stimulates the immunological system.
  • It cures rapidly diarrhoea, and other digestive disorders.
  • From the psychic point of view, SAHAJA AGNISARA DHAUTI rapidly dispels the states of disquietude, emotional stress, and anxiety.