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During the inhalation – the abdominal phase
While the fingers are pointed towards the abdomen, focus the attention on the abdomen. Imagine a stream of energy coming from the fingers and radiating from your being, filling you with vitality, and consciousness.

Perceive an intense increase of the inner heat, located at the level of Manipura Chakra, and going up, towards the chest area, Anahata Chakra.

During the rib and clavicle phase
Focus on the inner heat and the perception of the subtle energy of the hands, directing the prana on the throat, face and eyes.

The retention
Retain the breath with the arms open wide and the palms facing upwards, as if to receive the warmth of the sun.

An essential aspect of the Hindu yogic concept, referring to the interaction between the body and the mind, is that any psychic attitude and any emotion are translated through a corresponding behaviour. Consequently, any emotion has a corresponding bodily behaviour.

These facts are well-known, but what is less known is that the bodily attitude determines the psychic as well. In this case, the feeling that corresponds to the psychic attitude is the most important part of this exercise. Prana Mudra is based on this principle of reversibility of the two senses of the psychic and somatic interaction.

The final gesture of the Prana Mudra, with the arms wide open, is a gesture of acceptance, of opening up towards the universe. Opening your arms you give and receive in the same time, in the same measure, holding the universe and merging into it.

While performing this final position and retaining your breath with your lungs filled with air, keep your eyes closed and imagine the sun rising and saturating your entire being with its beneficialial rays.

By being receptive to the cosmic energies we allow the corresponding attitude to come naturally. A state of tranquillity and force will appear at the same time in the body and in the mind, accompanied by the subtle fire that saturates and radiates from our being.

In Prana Mudra, the lower rhythm of breathing will dissolve the inferior personality, in this state, our thoughts also dissolve into a state of serenity. This is a very important stage as it characterizes the neutral point in which the breath and the mind are said to meet the divine spirit.

Lift the chin, as if turning your face towards the sun, relax all the muscles of the neck and face, as well as the muscles of the arms, forearms and hands. Alsor elax the palms and the fingers. You will notice that a very calm and special psychic sensation will appear shortly after the first retention of the breath.

This feeling will grow stronger and stronger each time we continue to practice and it is recommended that the minimum interval for practice is at least 15 minutes.

In order to understand the exceptional effectiveness of this technique it is enough to practice it several times, in order to understand very well the correct way to do it. You will notice shortly that your breath becomes harmonious and profound through the practice of Prana Mudra.

The focus on breathing is infinitely deeper, and the mind will be easier to control. During the retention of the air there will appear a state of exceptional inner peace, revealing the overwhelming splendour of the radiant light of the divine self, ATMAN.

The pranic flow of energy coming from your fingers and palms can vitalize all the organs it passes through. It is enough that we become aware of this process and that we focus on it. Prana Mudra is recommended especially before meditations.

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