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Sit in a comfortable pose, spine straight and eyes closed. Enjoy the thought that you are about to meditate again.

Deepen your relaxation, until you perceive again a first thought, followed shortly by another, and another…the line of these thoughts seems infinite, they never seem to stop. Your mind refuses to calm down. What is the solution?

The yogic tradition considers that the secret of a successful meditation consists in the attention with which you perform the different preparatory exercises, whose role is to relax and calm the practitioner.

A fundamental key is to focus your attention on the ascendant flow of energy along the spine, through Sushumna Nadi. Through this subtle path, the energy follows its own course until it reaches the highest centre of force, Sahasrara.

A subtle energetic channel connects the sixth centre of force, Ajna chakra with the nose. Therefore, it is now easier to understand that focusing your attention on your breath leads to the tranquillity of the mind.

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Even if the breath flowing through the two nostrils is not balanced, this relaxing method leads the mind inwardly, to meditation. In the beginning, it may be difficult to focus on Sushumna Nadi. However, do not lose faith.

Practice regularly, in the morning and in the evening, until you will calm your mind easily and rapidly. Then you will meditate more easily. Practice and you will know for yourselves.

Sit in a meditation pose, one that you may stay in for a longer time, with your spine straight. Close your eyes and relax your body. Breathe deeply several times. Focus your attention on the nostril through which you breathe in most easily.

Focus your attention on your breath, as if you had breathed in only through that particular nostril. Let your thoughts come and go without fighting them. Just keep on focusing on your breath, allowing your nervous system to relax gradually.

Then focus your attention on the way you breathe through your “passive” nostril. Perceive again the flow of your breath until you reach perfect focus. Pay attention to this nostril even more than you did with your “active” nostril, and you may even notice that the flow of your breath changes on the former “passive” nostril.

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Finally, try to breathe through both nostrils, focusing equally on each of them, while inhaling, direct the breathing to the forehead centre, and while exhaling perceive the breath coming down from the forehead centre to back to the nostrils. Breathe through this subtle energetic channel connecting Ajna chakra and the nostrils, while your mind relaxes even deeper.

Perform this exercise until you become totally relaxed. Perceive a state of mental peace and tranquillity. The meditation you will perform after this preparatory exercise will be even more effective due to this exercise.