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Now imagine the little oak growing. Its trunk is as big as a pencil. Then it gets to one and then two meters height. This process continues and it doesnt stop in the future autumn or winter.

Now imagine the oak growing as much as possible. When it is big enough see the acorns growing on its branches, the approach of the autumn and the fall of the acorns onto the dead leaves.

Take an acorn in your hands and study it like in the beginning of the meditation. The cycle is now finished and so is the meditation. Become aware of your physical body, move your fingers, open your eyes and stand.

Imagine all this without making any comments. You can feel in the acorn the existence of a future undeveloped, invisible but potentially present oak. Notice the universal life manifesting through the oak and the acorn.

Realize the fact that both the acorn that you are holding in your hand and the oak are a visible expression of the invisible oak hidden into the acorn.

If the acorn was buried 10 m further, the oak would be made up of completely different molecules and atoms, but it would still be an oak and not a beech.

Perceive the invisible force, the vital dynamism lying in the acorn in an un-manifested form that transforms it into an oak which, in its turn, will produce new acorns etc.

This exercise is useful for developing our ability to create realistic inner representations and it for purifying our mind.

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This is possible by being aware of the cycle of life and of the cosmic cycle that is represented by contraction and expansion. The contraction of the oak in an acorn and the expansion of the oak from the acorn.

Indian philosophy asserts that any expansion must be preceded by a contraction. The Cosmic Lifes dynamism is obviously present in the fundamental cycles from the reproductive process of each species through its component individuals.

Life on this planet is millions of years old! Each new manifestation is just as young and full of life. Each individual is a representative of its species, which, in turn, expresses itself through each individual.

A constant practice of this type of meditation confers us a state of inner freedom by becoming aware of the relationship that each of us, as an individual, has with the whole of mankind.

In the beginning, this feeling might be unperceivable. But we will gradually notice much more serenity, an increased psychic dynamism manifested through a state of inner joy; the awakening of your intuition in certain areas, of your creativity, a better concentration and memory.

Slowly but surely a certain psychic maturity will begin to develop. For this you need to practice this method daily, in a state of detachment from its results.

This attitude that characterizes the Karma Yoga system is the best way to accelerate the manifestation of the results.

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This meditation will allow our being to integrate aspects of the macro cosmos in our earthly life. The human being is a particular manifestation of this Universal Life, but it is still solitary to it; the physiological and physical roots are situated in a past, which is common to earthly life.

Man has evolved at the same time with the entire vegetal and animal life on the planet and thus a strong connection has been created during these millions of years.

After practicing this type of meditation for a while, we will not perceive a tree as an object outside of us, but as a kindred soul.

For this exercise we can use any tree or plant that has a seed. In India, the image of a banyan is used as its seed is very small and the tree is enormous. But, as the banyan is harder to be visualized by a westerner, we have chosen the oak.

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