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“There are two “I”-s: the ego and Atman. Atman reveals itself as one’s true self to the person who is capable of getting above the “I”, “me”, and “mine”.

The Upanishads

Think of a mirror. The sun reflects in the mirror without having to do anything but remaining pure and clear. If we compare the mind with a mirror, we will instantly realize that when the mind is ready, the sun of the Divine Consciousness will shine in it.

The technique we present here offers a different perspective about the existential state we are in and allows us to better understand which inner “buttons” we need to press in order to grow spiritually.

Performed with perseverance, this technique gives us access to a state of a “detached witness” that will make us act and react differently in many of life’s situations.

Before engaging in this technique, it is important to understand WHO is it inside of us that wants to change and WHAT is at the center of our being.

Tantra Magazine

We may be surprised to notice that up until now we did not experience a state of witness in which all our actions are spontaneously analyzed and directed from a spiritual perspective.

A number of ephemeral and often contrasting personalities resides inside each of us, with whom we identify in turns.

These “hypostasis” of our personality have distinct features: some are merry, some are satisfied, some are dissatisfied, some wish to study, others wish to go on a holiday, some are enthusiastic and other reluctant.

Therefore we cannot speak of a coherent personality that synthetically and permanently unifies these aspects, a personality we may associate with our name and with the idea of “I”. This is the reason for which it is practically impossible for someone to say: “I, John Smith, want to transform.”

We cannot make such a commitment as we do not have a unique “I”, but instead we have a number of changing, moving small “I”-s, which depend on innumerable exterior laws and influences; there are “I”-s that are stronger than others and which may give the impression of being a unique personality.

Tantra Magazine
Each of these “I”-s reaches the surface of our consciousness and takes temporary hold of us, acting and speaking for us.

This is the tragedy of mankind, because these ephemeral “I”-s determine actions that generate new karma-ic bonds; the problem is that other of our “I”-s, not so strong and more dispersed will not be able to find the best strategy to control our destiny.

Thus, our existence may be said to resemble a cluster of sparks, each spark lasts for few seconds and the entire cluster less than a minute. Nonetheless, behind these, the Supreme Reality is not momentary, nor ephemeral.

The technique you are about to learn will guide you into the “intimacy” of Reality, making you understand in a direct manner that in this existence we have to live without any ego interference.

However, our balance needs to be dynamic, and based on right action. Rigid, stereotypical gestures and inner attitudes will not help us grow spiritually. With complete detachment from all these, we need to rely entirely on the clarity of our synthetic mind, which may be a unification of multiple, transient personalities.

Tantra Magazine

“As two golden birds sitting on the same tree, the ego and the self, intimate friends, abide within the same body.

The first eats sweet and sour fruits from the tree of life, while the later watches everything with detachment.

As long as you think you are the ego, you still exist in the world of sorrows. If you realize you are the Self, the Master of Life, you will be freed from all these.

When you realize you are a source of light, you transcend duality and enter a state of unity.”

The Upanishads


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