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Beginners in yoga practice should increase their spiritual practice day by day.

They should practice correctly, systematically and with a lot of enthusiasm the different yoga techniques. They should also read and meditate deeply upon spiritual teachings.

The yogis should not diminish their upsurge after their first spiritual experiences. They should do their sadhana with perseverance in order to increase their mental focus and to deepen their states of inner focus during meditation.
In the beginning of yoga practice, the yogis should do the yoga techniques both alone and in groups. They should also practice in quiet places, especially in nature. This way, the yogi will become accustomed to the beneficialial effects of the yoga discipline.
It is very difficult for beginners to maintain an unbroken mental focus upon the subject of meditation. That is why the yogi has to be very perseverant in order to increase this duration. They have to stop their mind from wandering.
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If the beginner remarks that their mind is sleepy and it falls asleep during meditations, then they have to practice more hatha yoga (especially inverse asanas). This will help them achieve a vivid mental awareness.
The yogi has to practice with perseverance deep meditation until they attain imperturbable mental peace or even some forms of divine ecstasy (SAMADHI).
After the yogi attains divine ecstasy once, they have to evoke this state of consciousness as much as possible in order to re-live it and to prolong its duration. This way the yogi will discover the secret key that opens the gate towards this wonderful realm of the divine.
Sometimes the yogi will be assailed with troubles. In this case the yogi should be patient and should control their thoughts very well, so as to not allow inferior feelings – anger, disappointment, fear, dismay, depression and so on – to overwhelm their being. This way, they will overcome all the obstacles on the spiritual path.
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The yogi has to intensify their yoga practice when confronted with a strong attachment or intense inferior desire.
This stage appears inherently in the process of mind purification. That’s why the yogi should be prepared for this in order to properly react and to control their mind.
If the yogi notices that they do not manifest good will and compassion then they have to guide all their efforts in order to attain these states of consciousness. Good will and compassion are two important hints that confirm that the yogi is on the right path.