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Using healing herbs is a simple, practical way, with spectacular results, to awaken the latent capacity of transmuting and sublimating the sexual potential.

Herbs can heal many physical diseases, although, in the countries of the Far East, there is an ancient tradition that uses herbs to achieve spiritual results.

Some Eastern traditional writings indicate precise methods through which spiritual results can be obtained by using herbs. One of them is the well known “Yoga Sutra” written by the sage Patanjali .

In the introductory Sutra from Chapter VI, entitled “The source of paranormal achievements” (Kaivalya Pada), the wise Patanjali asserts that the use of herbs is one of the five basic ways that can help one awaken and amplify some exceptional beneficialial endowments:

“The exceptionally beneficialial paranormal powers (siddhis) can manifest in a human being as a result of all the positive actions from previous lives, by the correct and perseverant use of beneficialial herbs, by using subtle resonance sounds ( mantras), by the means of austerities (tapas), or they can be the effect of some superior states of consciousness (samadhi).”

To understand how herbs can help the human being attain exceptional achievements, you need to understand that herbs do not only have a physical effect and these effects are not only a consequence of the active principles of the herbs.

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Just as the harmonious whole of the human being can not be understood through a separate analysis of the parts of the physical body, the effects of herbs can not be understood entirely only through an analysis of what is called “the content of active principles” of those herbs.

The herb itself is not only the alkaloids, glucosides and saponine it’s made of, just as human life can not be explained only through the proteins, glucides and lipides of the physical body.

Even if all the substantial changes of our body were known perfectly, it would be not enough to explain the life of a human being in all its complexity.

This truth is already proved by the failure of the strictly materialistic theories on life and by the fact that modern, quantum physics with its superior theoretical and practical possibilities is replacing the traditional, Newtonian physics.

That is why studies are directed towards the great traditional knowledge of humanity. This is a vision the great indian sage Swami Yogananda welcomed joyfully as it unifies the immense material possibilities of the Occident with the precious spiritual treasure of the East.

According to this vision, the substantial content of an entity (be it a stone, a plant, etc.) is the physical image of a greater, subtle manifestation, which can not be seen.

This substantial content has a significance only when it is related to the energetic, subtle aspects that make its manifestation possible.

Tantra Magazine
What is material does not support what is energetic or mental, but the more ample, energetic aspects hold together the material parts in coherent structures and make them act in unison.

This characteristic applies to both objects and living beings. In the case of objects, the inter-atomic and intermolecular binds maintain their specific structure.

As for living beings, the energetic manifestations are easier to observe directly, without any sophisticated devices.

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