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Yesterday has passed. You can still feel its worries. Tomorrow has not yet come.

But you already live it by thinking of what else you still have to do or by dreaming about what else you could do.

In this present moment the past does not exist anymore and the future is potential.

Here and now is the only moment when you can do something to transform your life.

Think that you have not yet been born, think that you are in your mothers womb, think that you are young, think that you have already passed away. Bring all these aspects simultaneously in your mind, watching yourself in all times and in all places. (Hermetica)

Here you have a very simple exercise meant to make you aware of the present moment, an exercise that has amazing beneficialial effects if perseveringly practiced.

Ask yourself mentally: Where am I?

Answer: Here.

Then ask yourself: When am I?

Answer: Now.

Keep on asking yourself these questions until you are deeply absorbed in the truth of these two eternal coordinates in which you always exist, you have always existed and you will always exist: here and now.

Have an alarm clock more times during a day, when you are doing something. Then ask yourself:

Where am I? , and answer: Here.

When am I? , and answer: Now.

Feel the direct and immediate character of the here and now every time when you do this. Thus you will realize that no matter where and when you are or you do something, you are always in the here and now.

The clock hands will go on moving in the monotonous run of time and the Earth will continue to spin around the Sun. Detachedly, let all aspects of life continuously pass, caught in the storm of the sequential time. But be permanently aware that you exist here and now.

Tantra Magazine
Focus as often as possible your thoughts only on the present moment for longer and longer periods of time, every time that you remember this spiritual exercise.

Meditate on the idea that: truthfully being here and now is enough for you to have everything and thus, you have the power and the discriminating understanding to do the most harmonious thing exactly in this moment.

Consequently, when afterwards (the future) becomes now if you really master this exercise you have an ideal attitude, and then (in the future) you will be able to do the right and most harmonious thing. Thus, you do not need to waste your time now worrying about then (the future).

Meditate on the fact that you will be able to wisely plan your future when you are in the consciousness state of here and now as, in such a state, then becomes now.

Even if these statements seem paradoxical, you must go on meditating on them as the gram of practice will reveal you that they hide truths that cannot be fully understood by the rational mind.