The physical body, as well as the psyche is the servant of the mind. Just like the psyche, the physical body obeys the commands and operations of the mind, regardless of the fact that they may be conscious or unconscious.

Predominantly negative thinking will lead to sickness, misery, sadness and egotism. Under the influence of predominantly positive, intense, divine and beneficialial thinking the body becomes youthful, radiating beauty and happiness.

Your specific way of thinking, be it pessimistic or optimistic is responsible for either good health or disease. Powerful, divine, elevating, uplifting thoughts, which offer love, happiness and joy fortify your body and give it vigor, charisma, a youthful appearance, harmony, and grace.

The physical body is a delicate and complex instrument, which responds promptly to the predominant thoughts with which it is “impregnated”. Habits of thinking will sooner or later produce corresponding and proportional effects on your physical body.

A kind, loving, compassionate and good heart will always result in a pure, happy, harmonious life, and a healthy, beautiful and pure physical body. A tainted heart in accordance triggers a tainted life and a sickened body.

Psychology teaches us that every type of conscious behavior is motivated by well-defined unconscious processes, whose cause we sometimes ignore, but which always act. Any idea that appears in the sphere of our inner consciousness is caused by resonance’s determined by our conscious or unconscious and our past or present actions.

Any person aware of this action upon his or her evolution should mentally draw the ideal portrait of the person he or she desires to be, and to influence the subconscious in this direction. Thus, slowly, the oppositions between one’s aspirations and actions will disappear.

This “work” with one’s own person is not easy. It always involves time, perseverance, and patience, but the results are certain to make a visible difference. Furthermore, we should mention that investing in yourself is the best investment you could possibly make.

In what follows, we offer you the capital with which you may start your investment, in the form of some beneficialial suggestions that may be helpful in different circumstances.

1. FOR SUCCESS: “I am united with the Divine Source of all that is good and pure. The superior inspiration manifests fully through my being. All beneficialial actions I start are successful because I always rely on the Sublime and Infinite Cosmic Wisdom.”

2. FOR HARMONY AND ABUNDANCE: “Harmony manifests fully through my being and around me and my happiness grows with each day. I feel I am walking the divine path of success and abundance. Divine Infinite Power protects me all the time.”

3. FOR STRENGTH DURING A NEW DAY: “With all my heart, I thank the divine forces for this new day that I start under an auspicious sign. I am totally convinced that success will flow in my direction during this day.”

4. FOR DEEP SLEEP: “This wonderful day passed by smoothly and offered me exactly what I needed. With gratitude I thank the divine spirit for wisely ordering my life. I give thanks for this night of sublime inspirations, which accelerates my access to wisdom.”

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5. FOR EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: “Pure, beneficialial white light of the divine consciousness surrounds and protects me from all that is impure. Its blissful presence inside of my being neutralizes all evil; I have become invulnerable and invincible because of her help.”

6. FOR GREATER CAPACITY OF DIVINE LOVE: “Lord Almighty, I aspire to you full of humility and confidence and I ask you to increase my capacity to love in a divine manner. Give me strength to love your work and creation with all my soul. I am within you please help me to be always aware of your divine presence inside of my soul.”

7. FOR PERFECT HEALTH: “Beneficial energies manifested in the whole universe infuse me. They operate within me, giving me back my perfect health.”

Whenever you use one of these ideas, repeat it a number of times, so that your subconscious becomes saturated with a firm belief in it. After repeating it several times, conclude the session with a clear visualization of yourself in the particular situation you want to be in.

For example, if you ask for perfect health, visualize yourself enjoying perfect health. Your visualization should be clear and bright, with as many details as possible.

Final recommendations:
To achieve success, repeat the idea you chose 21 times a day, for a minimum of two months.

Eliminate passing doubts that come your way.

Keep in mind a clear image of your success, even long before it happens.

These ideas (as well as others that you may compose for yourself in the same manner, full of beneficialial suggestions designed for your particular purpose) are a fountain of happiness, success and joy in the measure in which you believe in them.

Keep a light-hearted, detached and relaxed attitude, even if things do not fall into place from the very beginning, remember that victory comes to those who know how to wait. Therefore, patience and practice are the keys to your success.