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Sit in a meditation position, with your back straight. Relax physically, emotionally and mentally as deeply as possible.

Visualize a bright red light that emerges from the ground and penetrates your being through the sacral area. Perceive how you are bathed in this bright red, vitalizing and regenerating light with each of your inhalations.

Focus on the color. Imagine: if this color had taste or smell, which would they be? Now totally identify yourself with it: become the bright red color.

Feeling this state, focus on the room you are in, on all the objects in it. Notice each ornament, each book, each object.

Perceive the texture of whatever you are wearing. Listen to the sounds from inside and outside the room. Perceive the smells.

Become conscious of yourself who is now in this room surrounded by all these things. Stand up, keep your back and head straight and your shoulders relaxed.

Imagine bright red roots growing from your soles, penetrating the earth and absorbing the vitalizing earth energy found there.

Remember: the deeper and firmer the roots are, the higher and the easier it will be for branches to rise to the sky.

EKAPADA UTTHITA PASCHIMOTTANASANA activates Muladhara Chakra. It confers a global state of vitality, force and dynamism.

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Lie down on the floor and relax physically, emotionally and mentally as much as possible. With your eyes closed imagine that you are taking a walk in the forest.

Feel the energizing fragrance of the trees and mountain flowers from the path you follow. While barefoot, perceive the earth under your feet.

You can now hear in the distance the murmur of a small river. Head for the place where that pleasant and calming sound is coming from. You soon reach the small river whose amber water runs fast.

Imagine yourself taking this yellow water into your palms and drinking from it. Feel how this amber water fills your being with its golden light and freshens you up, conferring much energy.

Head downstream. You soon reach a wide lake. The water is mysterious and deep but very tempting. You take your clothes off and get into this refreshing and pleasant water.

Imagine that you are floating on your back on the surface of the water while this water caresses, purifies and comforts you. Feel the extraordinary state of well being that manifests when you get out of the water.

INDOLASANA activates Swadhisthana Chakra. It sublimates the inferior energies from this chakra to superior levels. By refining the energies from this level, it eliminates all tensions from the genital system.

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