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One of the most efficient techniques for equilibrating and harmonizing this chakra is to observe the breathing process.

Sit in a meditation position or on a chair, with your back straight and your eyes closed. Relax physically and mentally as much as possible
then focus on the breathing process. Observe the breathing rhythm without changing it, be conscious that the inhaled air is energy and feel the air passing through the larynges.

If possible, visualize this area. Notice the light vibrations produced by the air here. Feel gradually the subtle vibrations from Vishuddha Chakra amplifying as you correlate them with the physical vibrations from the larynges. The state of consciousness changes and becomes more elevated, more refined.

ARDHA SETU BANDHASANA simultaneously activates the subtle force centers Manipura Chakra and Vishuddha Chakra. It generates a state of increased will, inner power, refinement, intuition and purity.

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There are many focusing techniques that besides harmonizing and equilibrating the energies on this level also have many other beneficialial effects.

For harmonizing this subtle center of force we especially recommend Shambavi Mudra, yet another technique that can be done sitting on a chair with your back straight while deeply relaxed, physically and mentally.

Light a candle and keep it in front of your face, at the level of your eyes, at a few centimeters distance away. Watch the flame of the candle in a state of relaxation removing thoughts or other worries.

Close your eyes. In the space beyond your closed eyes you can notice that the flame of the candle is still visible. This image is called phosphene.

Focus on this image. Do not let any other image in your mind. When the image starts to fade, open your eyes and concentrate again on the flame of the candle.

Do this technique for five minutes in the beginning and then, as you become more familiar with the meditation, increase the practice time. Do this exercise daily for a few months. Write down all the transformations that occur in your being during this interval.

“THE TIP OF THE FOOT” ASANA activates the subtle force center Ajna Chakra. It amplifies mental harmony and generates a state of pure, unconditional happiness. It also elevates your ideals and aspiration towards God.


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