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Location: the third energy center, Manipura chakra is located in your physical body around the area of the solar plexus.

Represents: expansive consciousness, willpower and inner harmony.

Symbolical representation: passionate consciousness and a dynamic personality.

On the psychic level: it grants self-control, practical intelligence and controls your will, your ego and your individuality.

On the physical level: it coordinates the digestive processes and the activity of the organs located inside the abdomen.

Characteristic reactions due to an energy disturbance: the struggle for personal power and the recognition of one’s own rights and merits even at the expense of other people’s well-being.

Characteristic element: the subtle energies of fire.

Sensory organ: the eyes.

Sense: sight.

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The person who focuses and meditates on this chakra will gain the ability of discovering hidden treasures. The great yogi Swami Sivananda says that “such a person will not be touched by any disease. He or she will not fear fire. Even if such a person stays in the middle of a burning fire, he or she will not die or fear death. His or her will and strength will be absolutely amazing.”

As we saw in some of the previous articles, the first center of force, Muladhara chakra is dominated by the will to survive. The second center of force, Svadhishthana chakra is associated with social and sexual experience, mostly directed towards perpetuating the species.

The third center of force, Manipura chakra is associated with an individual’s behavior, which is directed towards solving his or her personal needs: clothing, shelter, food etc.

The main idea corresponding to the third chakra is: “Respect yourself”. The energies manifested on this level are oriented towards a better understanding of our own individuality and our own, characteristic manner of manifestation.

On the path to spiritual perfection we are forced to face all kinds of problems almost on a daily basis, under circumstances that are meant to unveil our inner strengths or weaknesses. The main lesson on this level is to create a powerful personality, an identity that is separate from the group.

This third center is like the magnetic core of your personality. It is related to the subtle energy of fire, and when the inner fire is harmonious and balanced, it helps the development of qualities such as self-confidence, perfect health, a dynamic personality, an adventurous spirit, willpower, correct assimilation of food, a high energy level and being able to work for a long time without getting tired.

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When Manipura chakra is activated, the person acquires the ability of being spontaneous, very dynamic and capable of leading impressive groups of people.

If this subtle fire is disturbed, feelings of irascibility, impulsiveness, and conflicts may arise, leading to the preoccupation of controlling and dominating other people.

In the cases of Yin disturbances on the level of Manipura chakra the person in question will be fickle and cowardly. However, whatever it may be, Yang or Yin, both attitudes are rooted in the person’s fear of being himself or herself.

The understanding and acceptance of our own person, the bond created with ourselves is one of the most difficult spiritual challenges for anybody. Usually we place the power of decision in the hands of someone powerful, someone whom we allow to make our choices for us.

The lesson is to learn to accept ourselves as we are and to make the most appropriate decisions for ourselves and by ourselves. With each choice we make we acquire a better control of ourselves, and our self-confidence and self-esteem grow as well.

While we measure our success in terms of material achievements, the universe measures our success in terms of the lessons we learned from life.

Being spiritually mature does not mean passively sitting in one place, it means acting, taking chances and using your intuition to achieve great things.

In this respect, a wise old saying states: “The sailor who failed is not the one who drowned, but the one who stayed on shore”. When we firmly believe that our ideals are possible, the transformation begins for us.

Developing self-esteem often requires an act of inner revolution, it occurs when we begin to separate ourselves from the mentality of the group and we begin to establish our own sense of self-identity and security.

Finding one’s inner voice is a significant achievement from a spiritual point of view. Spiritual maturity represents the truth and courage required to express and preserve our ideas.

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Learning to respect and follow our inner values, we gradually replace the influences of the group with our own inner guidance. Once this process has begun, the next step that will naturally follow is a deep and powerful introspection of one’s own person.

Most often, a sincere self-analysis will lead us to the desire of focusing on our relationship with God and on our purpose in life.

Individuality represents the general character or ensemble of characters and aspects that differentiate one person from another. All living beings are obviously different from each other in any number of ways.

A person possesses his/her own individuality, which vibrates as one with certain energies in the universe. An individual is different not only thorough the quantity of energy he/she possesses but also through its quality.

Individuality expresses a person’s originality and particularities he or she has. For the yogis , a person’s individuality is the expression of certain intense processes of resonance and the unique mixture of energies that make a that person unique.

In the yogi practice, particularization refers to the adaptation of beneficialial influences and of ancient yogi methods to each practitioner’s characteristic needs.

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The awakening and development of all beneficialial qualities is sought in yoga from the very beginning, as they will gradually annihilate all negative characteristics. Proceeding in this manner we ease our harmonious development and accelerate our spiritual evolution.

The famous doctor Henri Durville, in his study of success, indicated a series of suggestive assertions aimed at enhancing optimism and self-esteem.

In order to greatly benefit from this information, you need to write it down on a big sheet of paper and to use an adequate color. Read it daily and slowly, especially in the morning and in the afternoon. Try to apply it to your everyday life and try to perceive your inner growth as a result.


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Here are some good statements that you can use as beneficial suggestions for yourself:
“I trust myself completely. I follow the example of those who succeed. I fully deserve to be successful and to be happy. I actively want to play my part in the universe. I am certain that I will reach my goal.

I want to win and in order to do that I will first win a victory over myself. In order to succeed I assume the attitude of a person who always succeeds.

I am ready for this wonderful day and I am aware of the gigantic force of the universe, which supports me and manifests through me.

I allow the cosmic energies to manifest freely through me, and I assimilate the cosmic energies that make me a new and better person.

I believe more and more that I can be successful in whatever I choose to do. My demeanor is daring, my speech is warmer, more loving and convincing.

My walk is firmer and more self-assured. I want to express as often as I can, through my smile and through my glance, a beatific force, inspiring trust, love and sympathy.”

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Sit down on comfortable chair, in front of a mirror, with your spinal column as straight as possible. Close your eyes and create inside your inner universe a state of calmness and tranquility.

Then open your eyes and look at the reflection in the mirror as if you have just met that person for the first time. Note your first impression. Observe the changes in your facial expressions, according to the thoughts and feelings that change inside of you.

Try to establish a good relationship with the person in the mirror. Relax the muscles of your face and control your breath. These two actions contribute to your inner balance.

Now imagine that you have replaced all negative attitudes with positive ones, with the help of your breath and relaxation. Close your eyes and try to become familiar with this new perception of yourself.

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Light a candle. Sit down on a comfortable chair, with your spinal column as straight as possible. Close your eyes and create inside your inner universe a state of calmness and tranquility.

Then open your eyes and look at the light produced by the candle, comparing the dance of the flame with your thoughts. Imagine that its light destroys and burns away all your mental impurities, all your negative thoughts.

Then close your eyes and project that image in the area between your eyebrows. Maintain this mental image for as long as you can. You will eventually notice the appearance of a state of “inner focus “, of purification, of calm and tranquility.