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At the base of the spine there is the first center of force, Muladhara chakra, first because of its position.

More precisely, Muladhara chakra lies in the area between anus and sex, and is the root of the three main nadi : Sushumna , Ida , and Pingala .

The traditional yogic texts state that the fundamental energy of a man – Kundalini – surrounds this center of force three and a half times.

The awakening and ascension of Kundalini through Sushumna nadi till the Sahasrara Chakra has as a direct effect the fusion with the Ultimate Reality.

Through the practice of various exercises, the yogi attempts to awaken the Kundalini energy and make it ascend along the spine, through Sushumna (the central nadi).

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Bhadrasana is one pose recommended for the awakening of Kundalini. Simply sit in Bhadrasana but make sure you consult our article on Bhadrasana, in the Tantric Yoga section first.

The yogi is said to be fit for meditation if he/she may remain in this pose for 30-45 minutes without any problems.

Using appropriate music (you may consult our selection of meditation music) you can activate Muladhara chakra through Bhadrasana.

Focus your attention on Muladhara chakra for 30 minutes, during which time you should stay immobile. Perceive the activation of Muladhara chakra, greater vital energy, as well as a state of increased psychic tonus.

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The second center of force lies at 3-4 cm above the sexual area. This center of force is responsible for the sexual energy.

Swa means vital force, and adhisthana means abode, or residence. Its representation includes a six-petal lotus .

The yogi attempts to awaken this center through various asanas and make the sexual energy ascend through Sushumna nadi.

Although there are many asanas that facilitate the activation of Swadhisthana chakra, the most suitable is Sukhasana. See our article in the Tantric Yoga section.

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Sit in Sukhasana , eyes closed, spine straight, as described in the previous meditation exercise. Focus your attention on Swadhisthana chakra. Make sure you stand as still as possible during all this while.

Using appropriate music (you may consult our selection of meditation music) you can activate Swadhisthana chakra through Sukhasana.

Focus your attention on Swadhisthana chakra for 30 minutes. Perceive the activation of Swadhisthana chakra along with a state of harmony and euphoria.

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