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The translation for YOGA MUDRA is “The Yogic Gesture” or “The Yoga Symbol”.

This asana is mentioned in the GHERANDHA SAMHITA as YOGASANA, and is remembered between the 32 most important asanas in Yoga.


Start by siting on your knees.
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Place your heels on the lateral sides of your hips, leaving 5-6 cm. between your toes.
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Lower your pelvis until it reaches the “bed” formed by the heels.
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Bend over until your head reaches the ground.
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The palms are on the floor, face down, without being tense or too stretched.

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Perceive the activation of Anahata chakra. We feel growing inside a stare of profound calm, joy and love.

The trunk bent towards the front, the digestion is highly stimulated.
The forward bent acts efficiently especially on the lumbar area. The vertebras are released from pressure, while the ligaments and the muscles along the spine are stretched.
It also acts on the pelvic area of the parasympathetic, contributing to the stimulation of the activity of the male and female sexual organs.
It cures rheumatic pain, and also arthritis.
It is recommended in the cases of platfus, practised for at least 15 minutes daily, for several months.
This asana should be moderately practised by people suffering of advanced arthritis or obesity.
The famous Yogi, Brahmachari said that this asana, if practised for 15 minutes, eases the fever, owing to the position of the head, in contact with the ground.

The practice of this asana favours the awakening of Kundalini Shakti.
It is quite useful to get a better focus.
The mind becomes relaxed and calm.
The body becomes harmonious.
This asana determines a harmonious attitude towards God, as it amplifies the feelings humility and gratitude. It also annihilates the influence of the ego, and eliminates the tendencies towards agresivity and meanness.
If practised for a long time, with the proper inner attitude, this asana may allow the perception of the reflection of the Supreme Self in our being.
This mudra may lead the practitioner towards very high spiritual levels, as it awakens the ardent desire of fusion with the Divine.