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In the West, Uttytha Dhanurasana is quite an unknown pose. In order to fully appreciate and benefit from this asana, we will briefly present some of the reasons for which we should practice it.

First, the menstruating women have to practice Yoga moderately during that time, avoiding many asanas that increase the intra-abdominal pressure (including Chakrasana).

However, Uttytha Dhanurasana offers the special effects of Chakrasana and may be performed at any moment. Pregnant women may also practice it even during the last days of pregnancy, without any inconvenience for mother or child.

The effect this asana has on the oblique dorsal muscles makes it a real help for men also.


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Sit on your knees, place the left forearm on the floor, on a parallel line with the line of your shoulders, and palm facing down.


Firmly grasp your left ankle with the right hand. The weight of your body is now equally sustained on the left forearm and right knee.

The arm and foot that support the body have to be perpendicular on the ground.

Now relax the musculature of the back and then push the left foot upwards and backwards, which will make your back to arch. Keep your head straight, eyes open, looking towards the front.

The right arm is also straight, avoid bending it. It serves as a “passive” connection between the ankle and the shoulder.

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Lift your foot as high as possible, in order to arch the spine totally.
Breathe deeply and focus on the transversal muscles, which have to stay relaxed.

Come out of this pose, perceive the simultaneous activation of Ajna chakra in its Yang aspect, and Swaddhistana chakra in its Yin aspect.

Perceive a state of inner harmony, mental and sexual balance.

Then we perform the asana on the other side, placing the right arm on the floor, grasping the right ankle with the left hand.

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Then perceive the simultaneous activation of Ajna chakra in its Yin aspect, and Swaddhistana chakra in its Yang aspect. This asana make us benefit of a better integration in the social environment, and increases your personal charisma.


  • Effects on the spine:

this asana prevents premature ossification of the spine and confers a correct static to it.

  • Effects on the muscles:

the stimulation of the nervous centers placed along the spine is responsible for the euphoria and freedom characteristic to this pose.

  • Effects on cellulite and overweight:

cellulite is the result of incorrect pattern of breathing, nervous tension, bad food-assimilation, and reduced blood circulation in the cellulite areas.
This asana acts: on the breath, correcting it; on the solar plexus, decongesting it; on the digestive system, activating it.

  • Effects on the endocrine glands:

the enhanced adrenaline secretion confers good spirits to the people who lack this.

It normalizes the function of the pancreas, and leads to a better secretion of insulin, indispensable in the metabolism of the glucides.

  • Effects on the digestive system and other glands:

this asana eliminates constipation; the kidneys eliminates the toxins to a higher degree.