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ETYMOLOGY: the term ‘Vajra‘ has the following meanings: lightning (not thunder), powerful light, weapon of the god Indra, diamond, precious jewel.
In the spiritual teaching known under the name Mahayana, Vajra is the emblem, the attribute of the highest spiritual power.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Vajra is the name of a subtle nadi, which begins at the end of the masculine genital organ and therefore, Vajra is the esoteric denomination of the penis.

Some Hindu yogis call this asana SUPTA VAJRASANA, fact which confirms that this asana awakens the energy of virility.

In Sanskrit, VIRA means ‘warrior’, ‘hero’, and ‘man’ in the ‘virile’ sense of the term. Virility is understood here in a broader sense – that is it refers to the solar, masculine energies, and is not restricted to the sexual connotation.

Kneel on the ground and place your buttocks on the floor. If you cannot do this from the beginning, place a pillow underneath. You will be able to reduce this support gradually, while you gain in flexibility.

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The soles are next to the thighs. The heels must be at approximately 10 cm from the thighs. If the ligaments are not flexible enough, you will place the soles of your feet to the exterior, so that it will make an angle of 90 degrees with the foot.

Lean back, supporting yourself on one elbow, then on the other, and then bring your trunk on the ground and stretch your arms above your head, palms upwards.

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Your knees have to be on the ground, and the lumbar area (if possible) has to touch the ground as well.

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When this asana is performed correctly, the entire length of the spine will touch the ground.

You will perceive the activation of Manipura chakra, accompanied by a state of relaxation, absence of stress, harmony of your entire being, radiating from the solar plexus.

At the same time, you will perceive the abandon of your own individual, imperfect will to the divine will, the integration of your being in the cosmic harmony. State of profound calm, good will, and self-confidence.

This asana should not be performed if:
You suffer from discopathy or if you have problems in the lumbar area, more precisely with the fourth or fifth vertebra.


  • This asana acts on the feet, in the sense that the pain in the area are diminished if you stay for 10-15 minutes in this asana. It prevents varicose.
  • The practice of this asana leads to the stretching of the ligaments and tendons, which will soon regain their elasticity.
  • The famous yogi DHIRENDRA BRAHMACHARI recommended the practice of this asana in cases of amygdalitis and some sight problems.
  • Supta Vajrasana has an outstanding effect on the blood circulation, as the blood does not reach the feet from knees down to the same extent, and it is thus directed towards the pelvic and abdominal areas.
  • This asana stimulates the activity of the gonads. Owing to this increase of the gonad hormones, masculine or feminine, according to the case, there will occur an increase of the masculinity and womanliness respectively.
  • This asana acts on the lumbar vertebras and on the nervous centres situated in this area, which are highly stimulated.