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In Sanskrit, prasarita means “open”, “stretched”, and pada means “foot”.
Prasaritapadatanasana is consequently a position of forward flexion as well as a reversed pose.


Stand on your feet, spread the soles at 1.20 meters, but this distance may vary according to the length of your feet.

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Bend your trunk forward. Place your palms on the ground, as closely as possible from an imaginary line that unifies your soles.
Now try to place your head on the floor. This will be easier if the distance between your feet is greater.

Place your elbows on the floor (close to the imaginary line between your heels).

Then place each palm on the opposite arm, so that your elbows are at an equal distance from the head.

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Interlace the fingers and bring your forehead on the floor.

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It is very important that you place on the floor the area where the hair begins to grow (or where it should!). it is not recommended that you support yourselves on the forehead or on the crown of the head.

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Keep this pose at will, even for longer periods, like 10 – 20 minutes.
Make sure that your soles do not move while practising this asana.

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Perceive the flows of tellurian energy coming up through the feet. Perceive the YIN aspect through the left foot, and the YANG aspect through the right foot, respectively.

These two energetic flows unite in the spine area and follow their unique path up to the crown of the head.

Perceive also the activity of Sahasrara, spiritual lucidity/awareness, state of transcendence and detachment.


The ligaments of the spine are stretched and elasticised. The spine regains soon its correct static and flexibility. The sympathetic ganglions placed next to the spine are stimulated.

The sciatic nerve is released through the practice of this pose, and consequently it eases sciatic pain.


If the sciatic nerve is irritated, the practise of this asana is forbidden, and if it used to be in your daily programme of asanas, you should cease its practice immediately. The blood flow in the entire body is highly accelerated, especially in the head and trunk.
The blood stases in the abdominal organs are eliminated, the recycled blood is directed towards the heart and lungs, where it is purified.

The muscles of the feet develop harmonious shapes.