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The English for the Sanskrit PADA is “foot”, and for HASTA is “hand”. Consequently, this asana implies a forward bend of the trunk, touching or grasping the toes with the hands.


Stand on your feet, soles parallel and a little spread (5-10 cm.).
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Bend over and grasp the toes with your fingers, as shown below.
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Make sure your feet are straight.


While performing this asana, focus to perceive the earthly energies coming up the feet, resembling to fine magnetic currents. They focus in the area of Muladhara chakra, the center of force situated in the area of the perineum.


  • The practice of this asana makes the shoulders strong and the waist thin.
  • The abdominal organs are toned, the quantity of gastric secretions is greater, and the spleen and the liver are more active.
  • This asana cures different gastric disorders.
  • Displaced vertebras gradually regain their correct position.
  • Other beneficialial effects of this asana include: physical growth in height, reaching a normal weight, and an elastic spine.

    After we practice this asana, we will feel full of vigor for a fairly long time.

    If there are people who have unequal length to their feet, they may reduce the difference by practicing this asana for three months, and massaging the shorter foot with sunflower oil or mustard oil, both before and after practice.

    Although this asana is quite simple, even for beginners, it is nonetheless extremely beneficialial.