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ETYMOLOGY: The literal translation of NABHIASANA is the pose of the navel. Other names for this asana are DVIPADA UTTANASANA, which means “the pose of the two lifted feet” and UTANAPADASANA, which means “the pose of the lifted feet”.


Lie back on the floor, hands along the trunk. Gradually and firmly contract the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the feet. Progressively lift the feet from the ground until they form a 45 degrees angle with the floor.

Then, lift the head as much as possible and stretch your hands towards your knees, but without touching them. The abdominal muscles have to be as contracted as possible, but without lifting the lumbar area from the ground. It may be also a mistake to find your balance on the buttocks.

Tantra Magazine

Tantra Magazine

Consequently, NABHIASANA is a pose in which a considerable number of muscles are tensed: the neck, the abdominal muscles, the back and the arms. In Hatha Yoga the asanas implying such a muscular tension are quite rare.

While performing this asana, perceive the flow of cosmic energy through the feet and the activation of Manipura chakra. The attention is directed in the area of the navel.
When coming back of this asana, perceive the intense activation of Manipura chakra, increased will power, and self-control.

Do not perform this asana if you have violent pain in the abdomen, because this pain indicates some digestive disorders, which have to be cured through other yogic techniques.


  • This asana has beneficialial and powerful effects on some of the most important nadis of the body.
  • Its perseverant practice rapidly eliminates the states of nervousness and stress.
  • The muscular tension of the abdomen determines a compression of the internal organs, which in its turn determines the flow of the venal blood from this area.
  • The contraction of the feet determines the flow of the venal blood towards the heart, the muscles of the neck are strengthened, and the cervical area of the spine irrigated with fresh blood.
  • NABHIASANA is a powerful natural tonic for the entire organism. The strengthening of the dorsal and of the abdominal muscles has as immediate effects an improvement of the spine’s static.