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ETYMOLOGY:JIVABALASANA means “The Pose of the life’s energy will”.


Stand on your feet. Spread your soles to a distance equal to that between your shoulders. Lift your arms and stretch them in front. They have to be perfectly stretched, at the level of the shoulders, parallel. Palms are relaxed, facing up, elbows stretched.

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Slightly bend your knees, as if you want to sit on a chair. Stop this movement when the angle between your thighs and shanks is approximately 90 degrees.The back and the head are in a straight line.

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Try to perceive the flows of tellurian energy through the feet, the activation of the six secondary chakras placed at the level of the ankles, knees, and thighbone.

Simultaneously, try to perceive the cosmic energy received through palms and fingers and the activation of the six secondary chakras situated at the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Try also to perceive the difference between polarities of these energies, the Yang aspect manifested in the right side of the body, and the Yin aspect manifested in the left side.

The esoteric tradition asserts the fact that the Yin and Yang energies do not manifest only in rapport to a vertical axis, but to a horizontal one as well (a horizontal axis that “splits”/”divides” the human body in the upper and the lower part, and that “passes” at the level of Anahata chakra). The lower half of the body has mainly tellurian energies, and the upper part of the body – cosmic energies.

  • JIVABALASANA creates a state of overall, complex stamina, and we will be able to distinguish between all these types of energies (left-right, upper-lower).
  • The perseverant practice of this asana considerably increases the vitality through the activation of the 12 secondary chakras situated on the joints of the hands and feet, because these chakras are connected to the vital, regenerative aspects of the human being’s system.
  • This asana increases the curative magnetism of the practitioner.
  • It improves the peripheral circulation, as well as the heart’s activity.
  • It strengthens the joints of the hands and feet, and it cures the rheumatism of the joints.
  • The practice of this asana strengthens the muscles of the hands and feet. The shoulders and chest are wide, and the overall bodily attitude becomes more dignified.