An important aspect for obtaining perfect health is to maintain a balance between the solar, yang energies and the lunar, yin energies in our being. This is also important for our spiritual evolution.

There are complex techniques for achieving this, but the one presented here is easy and can be approached even by beginners in the practice of yoga.

Anyone that can perform these movements without serious pains can do this exercise without any risk. People who suffer from disc hernia can feel certain pains and should practice it moderately.

If people suffering from lumbago feel muscular pain while performing the exercise, they should not stop because the exercise can prevent lumbago crises. People that have high blood pressure should make this exercise very slowly.


From a standing position bend the knees slightly and catch the soles of your feet with your hands. The elbows are between the knees and the knees are apart. Keep this posture as stable as possible.

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Stretch your back and arms as much as possible and lean your head back. The powerful contraction of the back muscles must generate a strong traction on the arms.

If the position is right, a pressure will be felt in the lumbar area. Breathe deeply after feeling the traction in the arms and create a partial obstruction of the glottis.

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Thus, you can feel the friction of the air in the larynges that produces a slight inner sound. Breathe like this, calmly and deeply, for about a minute.

Stand up while exhaling through the mouth, keeping the hands in the same position, at the level of your soles. Keep the head as close to the knees as possible, it is necessary that you feel the legs being forcefully stretched.

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Pull your torso downwards with your hands stretching the legs, remain in this position and breathe in the same way. Keep on generating an air friction in the larynges for about a minute.

Return to the initial position while inhaling deeply through the nose. Rehearse this exercise a few times but without exhausting yourself.

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Focus to perceive the reception of the pranic energies during each inhalation and the elimination of the toxic energies, which disturb the vital balance, during each exhalation.

An intense practice of this exercise will stimulate the lumbar muscles and the entire sacral area. All the abdominal organs and especially the genitals will be energized.

This exercise regulates the sexual functions and hormonal secretion. It grants an increased control over the sexual energies and it is beneficialial for those suffering from impotence and frigidity.

Daily practice will calm overwrought persons. It acts on the lumbar area, improves the function of the genitals and helps one obtain perfect health.

This exercise will produce a powerful inner regeneration and regular practice (three times a day, especially when you have a poor digestion) rejuvenates the entire organism.

It is a great preparation for pranayama techniques: it balances the solar, masculine, yang energies with the lunar, feminine, yin energies.