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According to all spiritual traditions, each human being has a purpose in the divine game of the manifested universe. The beauty and perfection of the Divine Creation are obvious in Nature, and the distinct finality of all elements represent one of the greatest secrets of Creation.

Furthermore, each person has his or her role in the divine order of creation, or a meaning of his or her own, signaled in the Hindu yogic tradition under the name of “dharma“.

If the human being does not fulfill his or her role according to personal dharma, that person has practically wasted one lifetime. The most obvious sign indicating the distance from ones dharma is the state of spiritual un-fulfillment, of anxiety and lack of meaning and sense in ones life.

On the opposite side is the state of spiritual fulfillment, happiness, enthusiasm, and the feeling of being permanently guided and supported by angelic, or spiritual entities. The manifestation of certain significant synchronicities may confirm the fact that a particular person experiencing these acts (consciously or not) is on the right path towards fulfilling his or her dharma.

Becoming aware of ones dharma is a fundamental duty we all have, and in this direction we may appeal to the support and guidance provided by Shambala. The King of Shambala is, through His role in that realm, the incontestable spiritual leader and ruler of our planet.
He is at the same time King and spiritual guide and therefore he may help us reveal our own fundamental meaning in this life and to eventually fulfill it.

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On several occasions, we stated that Tibet was the spiritual center of our planet and the area of projection for Shambala in our universe.
This assertion is based on the fact that the Tibetan spiritual tradition is the only one that has preserved esoteric information about Shambala, as well as spiritual practices through which one may telepathically contact Shambala and its king.

Tibetan spirituality appears exceptional even to a greater degree, if we were to compare it to the spiritual “darkness” of the Westal Middle Ages.
For centuries, the main orientation of the Tibetan people was spirituality, considered as something natural, while in the West the continents were constantly troubled by wars, revolutions, and crusades.

The Westal travelers reaching Tibet entered into a miraculous, living universe, in which the supernatural was undoubtedly and implacably part of a normal days routine.

An eloquent example of Shambalas guidance in Tibet is the appearance of the most important and secret Tibetan spiritual system, namely the Kala Chakra Tantra, which is said to have been transmitted to the Tibetans by the King of Shambala himself.
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The initiation in this system is considered as the most important, esoteric and secret initiation in Tibetan Buddhism, and during our days it is offered by the Dalai Lama only to a few people in a simplified version, which contains only the first stages of the complete initiation.

The esoteric teachings of this system offer a direct and effective method of sanctifying our life and ourselves, as well as the possibility of direct knowledge and telepathic communion with Shambala.

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