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We have previously presented the spiritual vision on the history of mankind, a vision according to which our planet and the whole of humanity pass through successive cycles of evolution, each of them lasting some millions of years.
This fact, revealed in fundamental texts of all great religions and initiated systems is also found in all popular traditions, which have acknowledged the existence of some blossoming civilizations back in the distant past.

The similarities between these two sources of information are astonishing, even though they often had nothing to do with one another.

Furthermore, we were recently confronted with a series of amazing discoveries made by scientists, all supporting the spiritual traditions and folk beliefs in precisely the same manner we mentioned.

Here are some of the archaeological discoveries that have puzzled scientists and at the same time have confirmed the theory we presented: fossil prints in geological strata dating back over 100 million years, tools of over 50 million years old, silver vases buried in geological strata of 600 million years old, and metal spheres perfectly crafted whose age is supposed to be 3 million years.

All these facts make one wonder why in schools children are taught that Homo sapiens appeared only 100,000 years ago.

The fact that the voices of the brave scientists barely pass by the barrier of the authorities should not come as a surprise, because scientific and religious dogmatism are characteristic to Kali Yuga.

A typical example is found in the ultra-orthodox Jews, who determined that mankind appeared six thousand years ago. Their calculations are simply based on an “original” interpretation of the Bible.
This fraction of the Jewish people continuously attacks even the unquestionable archaeological discoveries from their homeland.

Their theory is based on the presumption that nothing could have existed before the Creation, whose date they established no later than six thousand years ago.

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According to the laws of cyclic evolution, after Kali Yuga follows Satya Yuga, the Golden Age of mankind, and this passage from the Dark Age to the Golden Age, from ignorance to spiritual light supposes the re-installation of the true spiritual and divine values, a process that can’t be easy, or fast, because it requires the disappearance of all evil from earth.

All spiritual traditions and all prophecies include this element of placing our last days at the end of Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, and so we live during a time of great changes preceding the Golden Age, Satya Yuga.

The process through which mankind passes from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga occurs through the people incarnated during this interval.

The prophetic texts of the great spiritual traditions are very precise, and they all assert that this period of time is essential for the future spiritual development of mankind as well as for the way in which humanity will pass into the Golden Age.

If the role of Shambala is to govern our planetary evolution and to spiritually help the people incarnated on earth during each cycle of planetary evolution, it is obvious that its manifestation varies according to the Age of mankind.

We may understand these variations if we think of the differences between the attributes of an educator, a gymnasium teacher, a high-school teacher and of a university professor.

We do not have to imagine that in Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, mankind will not need spiritual guidance. Just as any person who has not yet attained ultimate spiritual freedom needs direction and guidance, humankind needs the spiritual assistance of Shambala in order to evolve.

Here is a good analogy: Shambala is just a guardian angel that sustains and supports its protge’s on their spiritual evolution.

However, Shambala is not an angelic realm. It is the land of the wise. This analogy helps us to better understand the role of this spiritual realm in our evolution, as well as its importance.

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Furthermore, we may even say that just as God has granted any person a guardian angel, He has also granted our planet with this spiritual realm for support and assistance on the difficult path of spiritual transformation.

During Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, we are certain that most people incarnated on earth were able to contact and receive telepathic and spiritual guidance, and even had direct access to this spiritual world.

We may then easily imagine that after the process of spiritual decay of mankind has begun, the possibility to contact this spiritual realm has diminished, and it finally became the privilege of some small communities and then, gradually, it has turned into a great mystery, reserved for the chosen few, during Kali Yuga.

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