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In order to resonate with this euphoric state of perception produced by beauty we need to eliminate any preconceived ideas, about what we know or what we can remember.

In other words, we truly need to “cleanse” our mind so that the magnificent and glorious light of the Divine Self can reflect itself. If we do not fulfill this condition, the residues of our thoughts and emotions will obstruct, as a dark lens the divine beauty that surrounds us.

Essentially speaking, Tripura Sundari represents the supreme beauty of pure perception that appears when we are capable of “seeing”, of “envisaging” inside of our being the whole manifestation as a direct reflection of Gods consciousness.

Thus, the Great Goddess appears to us as the beauty of the whole creation, but this perception is performed in the terms of the indestructible divine unity, in the sense that the whole macro cosmos is Brahman or the Heavenly Father and that there is nothing outside His consciousness.

Therefore, the ardent worship of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Sundari is one of the shortest and most secure path towards the revelation of the Divine Self.

When the mind is saturated with this divine knowledge, it will easily find total satisfaction in whatever we do. Our perception is then transfigured, and thus we will find joy and happiness in all that we do, even in the most common and apparently insignificant gestures and actions.

We are now free from any conception of time, space, size, distance etc. Then, any perception reveals Gods eternal and compassionate presence and thus any perception becomes a kind of small universe in itself, allowing us to intuitively know the uniqueness of the Divine Consciousness in the appearance of the myriads of forms of manifestation.

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Tripura Sundari is also known as Lalita, “the one who plays”. The Hindu spiritual tradition asserts that the whole Creation is in fact the beautiful, charming game, or play of the Divine Mother.

To which we, as human beings are concerned, we are merely transient individualities in the Mothers gigantic game and in order to become free from its illusion we need to understand which is the primordial source of power and energy that moves around it.

Our pain and suffering are mere illusions; they are a direct consequence of the false knowledge rooted in ignorance and the manifestation of the ego. This is relatively simple: because we stubbornly and obstinately tend to control our happiness, or we tend to “own” it from the point of view of a separate, false “self”, we practically “split” ourselves from the genuine spiritual bliss.

As an accurate and pure image of this bliss, Lalita shows us the way to come out of this situation, that we need not deny happiness, but discover it inside ourselves.

Lalita awakens the receptive soul to the divine happiness saturating every single thing that exists in the universe.

Lalita is also known as the deity presiding over the Sri Yantra, the Yantra that is at the base of the whole universe, and that originated in the subtle universal sound, pranava .

Lalita is considered as the most beautiful of deities and represents the supreme ecstatic bliss as the source of any other wonderful perceptions.

Tradition says that She is located on the peak on Mount Meru, the so-called Cosmic Mountain, sustaining and leading movement and action in the whole universe. In the micro cosmos of our being, Mount Meru is associated with Sushumna Nadi.

She also represents the endless divine love, which is in fact the central, essential force motivating the existence of the Macro cosmos and at the same time the initial impulse towards spiritual freedom.

Tantra Magazine

Tripura Sundari is also named Rajarajeshvari, or the “governess of the whole creation”, because She gives the “orders of ruling” the macro cosmos.

Therefore, it is important that we think of Her and that we invoke Her grace whenever we are facing a difficult decision in life.

However, Her “orders” are not based on authority, but on the respect for the free will of each being and they are also charged with endless divine love.

Consequently, all we need to do in order to receive Her grace is to open up our hearts with sincerity, to the love she offers us unconditionally.

However, to deeply understand her way of action in the universe, we need to eliminate our selfish desires and to love in a transfiguring manner everything around us.

According to Tantric teachings, beauty and ecstatic bliss represent the fundamental energy of the universe, and the “game”, the “play” is the nature of any existing thing in the universe.

Knowing all of this, the path towards spiritual freedom and towards obtaining real happiness and fulfillment becomes easier. This is the spiritual “key” offered to us by the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Sundari.

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