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The purely spiritual action of the goddess is easy to understand if we note the fact that the mind, together with all its functions and with the subtle energies it involves, represents only a part or a fragment.

Indeed, Tara is the gigantic, extremely subtle energy of the un-manifested sound, which transcends manifestation. Therefore, she grants efficiency in our tapas-s which involve mantra-s. Furthermore, it is important to notice that creation represents a modulation of God’s Primordial Logos in its infinite frequencies of vibration.

From this perspective, Tara may be regarded as a creator and at the same time as a destroyer of the whole creation, when these actions (of creation and respectively destruction or re-absorption) are considered from the perspective of the phonemic energies of the Divine Logos.

In this hypostasis, Tara contains within herself all existing mantra-s. For instance, in order to be able to use and correctly assimilate the spiritual meaning of a mantra that synthesizes a very elevated macro cosmic aspect, and in order to be able to identify ourselves with the subtle energy of a mantra, the grace of The Great Cosmic Force Tara is indispensable.

Tantra Magazine
Tara’s help should be invoked with intense fervor and great aspiration. Sublime poetical inspiration and oratory talent are signs of grace from this Great Cosmic Force.

The tantric tradition asserts that Tara’s devotee will have extraordinary literary talents, being able to express ideas beyond the capacities of any other man.

Another important aspect with regards Tara’s action in our human micro cosmos is the fact that this goddess represents the purifying force of the subtle breath that animates any living being.

Of course, in this hypostasis, ether does not represent the scientific term derived from physics. It represents much more, as it has a subtle luminous nature and is the very space of consciousness from which all things appear and then disappear, beings and phenomena from the manifested world.

We say that breath is the primordial sound of life because it is just like an ineffable song sustaining life in that being. The spiritual tradition of India has identified this subtle sound from immemorial times as the mantra SO-HAM.

Tantra Magazine

Both mind and prana, through their particular forms of expression (the word and energetic vibration respectively) originate in the subtle macro cosmic sound known as sabdha. This subtle macrocosmic sound (sabdha) is usually rendered through mantra-s.

We may understand at this point the tremendous importance of using mantra-s in our daily sadhana, as mantra-s purify, energize and elevate the mind and soul to the highest degree possible.

The devotee who calls upon Tara with great love and reverence, during this process of evolution and accomplishment of different psycho-mental aspects, will receive her compassionate guidance and ultimately the liberating grace of divine transcendence.