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The famous text Tantrasara describes Tara as glowing with a divine radiance and generously offering gifts to her worshippers.

Among these gifts, the texts mention a profound knowledge about the mysteries of creation, a great poetical inspiration, material prosperity and success in one’s actions. The Great Cosmic Force Tara is known as the feminine counterpart to the great Buddha Avalokiteshvara, who looks upon, and helps all beings with his divine compassion.

In Tantric tradition, Tara to a significant extent, resembles another Great Cosmic Force known as Kali . Indeed, in her aspect as Divine Creative Word (logos), Tara is the first transformation of time and energy of life which is also represented by Kali.

Holding the power of the subtle sound, Tara also corresponds to Kali, who is The Great Cosmic Force of time and transformation. Between the word (logos) and time (change) there is a close interdependence. We may be able to understand that the logos is like a consciousness of time and that time is like a kind of “movement” of the Word.

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Essentially speaking, the Divine Logos (which is an endless and ecstatic creative vibration) represents the foundation of appearance and manifestation under different forms of energy of time.

Tara represents knowledge that from an etymological point of view is enlightening. The word Tara means “savior” and originates from the Sanskrit root “tri“, referring to “passing over”, as in passing over a river, a sea, a mountain, or in other words overcoming a difficult situation.

Therefore, in an esoteric approach, we may say that the goddess Tara should be invoked in times of peril or misfortune, or when we need to make a decision and we are not sure about the alternatives. From an esoteric perspective, Tara is the knowledge that saves us.

The profound meaning of this goddess is that she offers divine endless wisdom to her disciples, freeing them from the chains of samsaric suffering – which is in fact the chain of successive reincarnations.

She is like a Polar Star guiding us on the path to spiritual freedom. Another meaning of the word Tara is “star”, in the sense that this Great Cosmic Force is like a star in our frenetic aspiration towards God.

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Consequently, she is both our inspiration and our guide on the complex path of spiritual freedom. One of her cosmic attributes is to save or free us from the different troubles we have to face in life, and in this respect she is very much like Durga – one of Kali’s hypostasis.

Therefore, she sometimes bears the name Durga-Tara. However, while Durga signifies a power that destroys any obstacle, difficulty or negative force that aggresses us, Tara makes us almost instantaneously sublimate these aspects and consequently successfully overcome them.

In other words, Tara is the very power that makes us transcend all the inferior and ignoble aspects of our life.

From this perspective, this goddess not only saves us from imminent dangers, but she also offers us possibilities to access more and more elevated levels of spirituality.

Furthermore, as the obstacle most difficult to overcome is our own mind, Tara helps us go beyond the waves and turbulence of our thoughts, beyond our very minds.