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In the Hindu tradition, Matangi is the ninth Great Cosmic Wisdom whose feminine, playful, spontaneous, divine expression and whose sublime state of inner freedom might be very helpful for the one who wishes and has the courage to discover and overcome the limits of conventionality and foolish prejudices.

The worship of this Great Cosmic Wisdom will support the efforts of any ardent follower of the tantric path.

There is a level that can be related to the so-called impurity which is symbolically assigned to Matangi.

Our essential divine nature, the Supreme Self (Atman), transcends the laws of Nature and is eternally beyond good and evil.

We will face these residues of duality and we wont be able to reach the divine, immaculate and perfectly non-dual transcendence as long as we remain attached to the impurities (mala) of the manifested world.

From this point of view, Matangi can be really helpful because She represents, among others, the attribute of knowledge that leads us to the Truth.

Thus, Her grace helps the sincere and devoted worshiper transcend the limits and impure conventions of the manifested world.

Another essential aspect of Matangi is that She ecstatically reveals the highest metaphysical knowledge even in this manifested world (which is considered impure when compared to the un-manifested the divine transcendence).

We can say that Matangi is the first Great Cosmic Wisdom (and deity) that allows the knowledge of Her great powers, through direct revelation, to the sincere and devoted aspirants.

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According to the Upanishads, the essence of the human expression is speech or, in other words, what we say loudly.

Thus, what we express in words is the outcome of all that we take over in our life at the level of conception and experience.

This final residue and, in the mean time, representation of what we are by the means of speech is, in fact, the manifestation of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Matangi.

But this final synthesis of our being is not common speech, but rather the most profound expression of our soul.

At an universal level, the Divine Logos manifests some essential characteristics like power, feeling and passion that are identified with the Endless Divine Bliss itself (ananda) and not only with the limited emotions from their expression scale.

Consequently, the Divine Logos is not only a statement, a theoretical or practical aspect but also a living and effervescent expression of energy and ecstatic happiness.

This bliss (ananda) is another aspect of Matangi that is very active, passionate and perfectly happy in this divine play of manifestation.

Matangi impersonates the great powers of nature. Thus, She personifies the wild beauty, the abstraction, the mystery and the hidden power of the tropical jungle where She is symbolized by a strong and active elephant, thus reflecting the primary rhythms of Nature.

From this point of view, the Matangis forms of expression are similar to the ones that characterize Tripura Sundari.

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Matangi represents the dazzling beauty of Creation as an expression of the essential Self, but while in the case of Tripura Sundari this beauty manifests especially as an inner experience at the level of our consciousness, the prevailing expression of Matangi is objective and exterior.

In the tantric pantheon Matangi has the position of a prime minister among the other deities, as She is the counselor of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Sundari, the Supreme Queen of the entire Creation.

In this aspect Matangi is called Mantrini, because She has the supreme power and supremacy over all mantras especially when they are uttered. Thus, She confers the ability to communicate with all the other deities by the means of mantra-s.

Furthermore, we can say that She governs over all types of knowledge and therefore, She is a precious adviser and teacher on this path. The persons who want to compel recognition in this area should fervently worship Matangi.

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