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Because She represents space, Bhuvaneshwari is complementary to Kali, who, as we know represents Time. Thus, the two goddesses represent the two main faces of the Great Goddess, Shakti, infinity and eternity.

In other words, we may say that Bhuvaneshwari creates in a certain way the stage on which Kali will perform Her dance of life and death.

This analogy of Bhuvaneshwari allows us to notice that at the same time the supreme goddess represents the observer, and the observed, the one who enjoys and is involved in Kali’s dance of life and death. To help you understand this relationship better, know that Kali creates events in time, and Bhuvaneshwari creates objects in space.

This is also an important theme for meditation, indicating one of the methods for the revelation of our Supreme Self through Bhuvaneshwari’s worship.

The deep understanding of these aspects is that all events represent nothing but “sequences” on Divine Mother Kali’s gigantic consciousness (Time), and all locations in space are mere phases of resonance with the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari, who represents space.

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Reaching thus the mysterious knowledge that the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuvaneshwari is in fact the “base” on which we are supported and at the same time the subtle reality that saturates us every moment, we gain the capacity of practicing the highest and most elevated yogic techniques with utter success, techniques that may lead us in a very short time to Supreme Spiritual Freedom.

Bhuvaneshwari is also correlated to the cardinal points. The four main directions of space (north, south, east and west) are nothing but different visions or hypostasis of this Great Cosmic Wisdom’s presence, each of them having distinct qualities.

As a significant parallel, Kali creates in the same way what we name the “directions” of time, which as we know are the present, the past and the future. The Tantric spiritual tradition notes the fact that space is mysteriously particularized in time.

For instance, the spatial direction east represents almost always the beginning of an action, while the north represents spiritual illumination. West is correlated to experience and the process of spiritual maturity, and south represents the fullness of spiritual realization.

Because of this, we may state that in a mysterious way, space contains time and similarly time contains space. Each moment in time is characterized by a location and a direction or spatial orientation.

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Philosophically speaking, a certain place from space (be it physical or subtle) represents only a reflection of our vision on that particular reality. If this vision changes, the place and the space in which it was will also move and change.

Furthermore, our visions or our imagination also determine the direction of our field of experiences. Thus, when we direct our minds to a certain space-time area, we will perceive various events and places that are characteristic to that particular area.

Therefore the tantric writings of the Hindu sages say that Bhuvaneshwari represents God’s very initial creative vision; in other words, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuvaneshwari represents the direction in which the Divinity directed his attention towards the act of creation or the force of awareness of manifestation.

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