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In other words, endless space can be associated to rest, peace and perfect equanimity. This ineffable state is granted through Bhuwaneshwaris grace and consequently one needs to obtain Bhuwaneshwaris grace in order to find supreme peace and tranquility.

Bhuwaneshwari represents the power of openness and infinite expansion, of equanimity in spirit and profound peace that contains in it all things and that cannot be disturbed. Indeed, we will be able to understand this assertion better when we evoke the tantric teachings referring to the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari.

These teachings state that the goddess is the original space from which emerges any being and any thing. The Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari represents the Void in its creative form, from which creation then emerges and which sustains creations further development.

It is important to understand that this void is not the void anterior to creation, which is transcendent and which is represented by the Great Cosmic Wisdom Dhumavati. From a location point of view, Bhuwaneshwari is everywhere in space.

We can say that we are always in Bhuwaneshwaris sphere of consciousness but beyond
this reality that implies a macro cosmic reality, the goddess represents the very subtle space of our hearts in which the whole manifestation is contained mysteriously. At the same time it also represents the sacred place in which we may become one with the consciousness of our Supreme Immortal Self, through spontaneous, beatific revelation.

Bhuwaneshwari offers you the enlightenment and revelation of the Self. The iconographic representation of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari resembles the representation of Tripura Sundari.

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As we mentioned in our previous articles, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari has the color of the rising sun, with the crescent moon on her forehead, four hands and three eyes. In two of her
hands she holds a chain and respectively a stake, and with the other two hands she makes the gesture of casting away fear (abhaya mudra) and the gesture of offering wonderful spiritual gifts (varada mudra).

Sometimes she is represented with a lotus and a jewel bowl in tow of her hands, and in other cases her left foot is placed on a jewel bowl.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari is sitting on a bed resembling a throne, which represents the five forms of manifestation belonging to the God Shiva, as described in the article about the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Sundari.

From this throne, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari controls and organizes the movement of the entire universe. Different gods and goddesses who serve her and immediately obey her orders
surround the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari.

Meditating with great perseverance on this beautiful goddesss form, the sincere practitioner may
obtain her infinite grace, become enlightened, and reveal his or her supreme Self.

Another way through which one may obtain her grace is to meditate on the reality of infinite space. Another method is to develop and refine within ourselves the attitude of detached witnesses in manifestation, witnesses who simply observe the various events, things, beings that may cross our paths, but without identifying with these aspects.

Another way is to try to eliminate the idea that surrounding names and forms represent the ultimate reality from our mind.

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This method resembles the practice of Jnana Yoga, and is based on the fact that everything we know is based on an over positioning of names and forms, which are in fact just conventions, over an unknown presence, which is nothing
else but the creative void supported by an infinite energy.

Of all these spiritual processes of worshipping the Divine Mother Bhuwaneshwari, becoming
perfectly detached from the illusionary nature and dual aspects of the cosmic illusion and at the same time manifesting a sincere and complete openness towards finding the Supreme Truth represent the best ways of adoring Her and also of honoring the charming presence of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari.

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