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Modern science has recently reached the conclusion according to which space (named in yogic terminology akasha) represents the primordial “matrix” from which were born all the other elements (air, fire, water, and earth). For example, the substance from which the earth is made is essentially a concentration characteristic to space in a certain area.

Under this aspect of primordial substance from which emerges everything in the manifested world, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari is also known as Prakriti, or Mother Nature.

However, we need to remember that this primordial space, which is a base for any ulterior manifestation is essentially pure consciousness and consequently it is an ineffable expression of endless freedom and bliss.

From a different perspective, Bhuwaneshwari is also Maya, or the cosmic illusion. Bhuwaneshwari thus spreads the infinite “threads” of illusion in which ignorant people are entangled and end up complicating their lives.

When we measure, appreciate, or compare the different things or situations in life, we simply fall into Mayas illusory trap, forgetting almost entirely the reality of the fundamental unitary space, the primordial matrix from which all things appeared.

Any manifested form is in fact a system of energy waves that exist based on subtle relationships, or resonance’s with the macro cosmic sources of energy from the Infinite.

Therefore, one of the important methods for transcending illusion is to learn to see around us the sacred space of the Divine Mother Bhuwaneshwari, a space that is in fact her gigantic, ineffable consciousness that surrounds us in a kind and loving embrace.

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Consciousness is also the fundamental “field” in which all things and events appear and manifest. Consequently, a synthetic and effective awareness on this fundamental reality will immediately grant us the capacity of accessing any of her ways of expression, through a simple act of focused will on our part.

Bhuwaneshwari is the space in which Gods endless will and love manifest. Indeed, the pure and deep feeling of a sincere and unconditional love offers the feeling of space and infinite freedom.

Such sublime love does not limit a persons options and does not try to obtain or keep anything for itself, it always manifests altruistically.

On the other hand, the ineffable space of love represents a nurturing space granting the people who are capable of it as well as to their loved ones the possibility of growth and development.

We may state that if love does not create the feeling of space and freedom, it does not represent divine love, but merely the egotistical expression of a possessive and non-spiritual form of affection.

It is known that such affection leads the people in cause to absurd states of suffering and attachment especially when it is manifested through fierce jealousy.

The frenetic worship of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuwaneshwari makes it possible even for such people to transcend their pitiful limitations through the revelation of the fact that the genuine universal love has no form (it is not “constricting” and focuses on one person, or object), yet it is found in all forms.

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Gods infinite love gives birth to the desire to create and then to follow the wonderful spectacle of Creation. From this perspective, Bhuwaneshwari creates the worlds in which the endless power of the divine love manifests.

This divine game (Lila) is continuously effervescent because space (akasha) represents an infinite potential energy, which is always updated in the infinite ways and forms of manifestation.

Therefore, the yogic spiritual tradition says that the whole universe comes from the infinite space of the Divine Consciousness. Especially for those struggling to become artists, or creators, their devotion for this Great Cosmic Wisdom, Bhuwaneshwari, will prove unbelievably helpful.

This devotion will help them create a sacred space inside their beings. At the same time,
creating a certain space, we become free from stress and tensions, which are merely limited forms of our conceptions, preconceived ideas and attachments.

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