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The fourth Great Cosmic Wisdom in the Hindu pantheon is Bhuvaneshwari, or Bhuvanesi, as She is also named in certain areas of India.

This Great Cosmic Wisdom is worshiped as the Great Goddess who protects all manifested worlds. This attribute of the goddess is also suggested by Her name: the Glorious Queen, or the Governor (Ishwari) of the whole realm of creation, with all the worlds (Bhuvana) which are contained in Her.

In other words, She is the Divine Mother who protects the worlds and consequently the whole universe is Her body on which the numerous beings that exist are like jewels adorning her.

From a symbolic point of view, Bhuvaneshwari is depicted as a goddess with three eyes, a sign of her complete knowledge of the manifested worlds, very big breasts (all beings are nurtured from Her), and a smiling face, once again underlying the maternal aspect of this Great Cosmic Wisdom.

Her glory and greatness are signified by Her brightness filled with goodness that irradiates from Her, just as the rising sun or by the moon that drops the divine nectar (soma) from the goddess’s head.

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Bhuvaneshwari sustains all the worlds, with the beings and things that are characteristic to all of them.

In other words, we may say that Bhuvaneshwari is in fact the whole universe embodied as a deity. Her ardent worship attracts the cosmic vision of Reality, thus surpassing any limits imposed by a certain opinion, or belief.

The goddess’s help is manifested mostly for overcoming any types of false identifications and preconceived ideas, including ideas about social class, race, religion, nation, etc., sublimating into global and superior forms of knowledge and understanding.

This general vision offered to us by the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuvaneshwari (when our aspiration is sincere and ardent enough to make it possible), offers us an intuitive understanding of the great mysteries of creation, helping us understand and perceive the indescribable reality of the absolute.

In the four Hindu Veda -s Bhuvaneshwari is known as Aditi, the Great Cosmic Mother, infinite and indestructible, the origin of all manifestation, the primordial space.

The light comes to life in Her and therefore She is the mother of all suns and of all solar deities. The Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari creates space so that all the things in the manifested world could eventually come into it.

Similarly, the space of our consciousness is also created by Bhuvaneshwari so that we are allowed to manifest as individuals in the world in which we exist.

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Consequently, it has become obvious that on the level of the whole creation, space has several levels of manifestation, in perfect harmony and resonating with the subtle energies. For instance, in the physical space that is around us there is also the mental space, which is just as infinite as the physical space.

This mental space also has several levels of subtlety, which culminate with the supreme space of the pure divine consciousness, which is beyond all manifestation. All these different types of space represent only various aspects and functions of Bhuvaneshwari.

According to the law of correspondence and analogy, from the Eastern spiritual tradition, the whole macro cosmos is contained in the small, subtle space in our hearts. In other words, the heart is Bhuvaneshwari’s residence.

One of the infallible methods that allow to communicate with this Great Cosmic Wisdom’s gigantic sphere of force is to direct our consciousness towards a loving investigation of this mysterious, subtle space found in our spiritual heart.

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