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The Great Goddess represents the “terrible scepter of Divine judgement” of man’s evil actions and she also represents the extraordinary power of focusing one’s attention thus the eliminating any possible confusion.

Different yogic texts and manuscripts emphasize her tremendous power to induce a state of stoppage, a completely “paralyzing” state, of any kind of action.

Stopping an action is called Stambhana in sanskrit. It refers, at a exterior and superficial level, to the power to instantaneously stop those who attack us, especially by making them unable to talk, which will instill great fear in them.

But at a more profound inner level, this tremendous power refers to the capacity to perfectly control our thoughts and energies.

Thus, the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi can grant us, through her overwhelming grace, complete control over all our actions and also the power to stop any of them at will.

Actually this power derives from our (at least partial) awareness of our divine nature which is the Supreme Self (Atman).

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We can consider this process another way as well; we can gradually reveal our true Self by the means of a more attentive and focused observation of our daily activities, immediately Stopping those that hinder our spiritual evolution.

For example, it is recommended (especially during the early stages) to suddenly stop during an action in which we seem to get more and more involved and to consciously observe in a detached manner the state and condition of our mind at that moment.

This can be done when we are very busy, when we are about to get angry, nervous, irritated, etc. At a higher level, we can continue our action undisturbed, being at the same time, conscious observers of our mental processes and physical actions during that action.

This was one of the most important methods that made the great initiate George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff famous in the western countries.

Through this quite simple but very efficient method (which actually expresses the state of resonance with the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi), he wanted to press that button that would propel their individual consciousness into a higher state of mind.

This is a very important technique mainly because most of the people have forgotten about themselves, becoming “hypnotized” by the appearance of exterior things or by their false identity.

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The decisive action of Bagalamukhi is that she shatters this exterior “mesmerism” by the means of a much superior hypnotic power which implies the most profound levels of spiritual knowledge.

This action, performed with divine discernment will almost instantaneously annihilate our tendency of getting attached to the exterior reality, generating a profound spiritual transformation based on mature understanding and a deep faith in the ancestral truth that the exterior world is just a huge and illusive dream.

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