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Profound meditation on the meaning to the question (“Who am I?”) is essential for any human being who wishes to progress spiritually.

Indeed, we can easily find out that although we can get to know the outside world, our inner Self remains almost completely hidden. What we call “self” is generally our erroneous identification with temporal thoughts, feelings and sensations, but these are not the true nature of our consciousness.

That is why the constant focus on the profound meaning of the question “Who am I?” will diminish gradually the manifestation of our thoughts and all the other aspects or questions will become less important when compared to the answer to this fundamental question.

Taking into account the way of manifestation and the specifics of the Great Cosmic Wisdoms we can easily understand how Tara (the Great Goddess related to the Divine Logos) becomes the subtle force of the question “Who am I?” itself, a force that can bestow upon us, a deep immobility of the mind, the very silence manifested by Bagalamukhi.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi force or impact in speech is also used as a dreadful “weapon” against any negativism or attachment.

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From this point of view Bagalamukhi resembles Tripura Bhairavi, only that Bhairavi manifests the power of successfully removing any obstacle while Bagalamukhi dissolves through complete motionlessness anything illusionary represented by manifestation.

Negativity (which in fact is a more or less conscious form through which most human beings manifest their endurance to certain factors or situations they need to face) is not necessarily an aspect that needs to be destroyed but a specific state of mind deeply rooted in the sub-consciousness, which can to be annihilated through complete immobility.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Bagalamukhi resembles Chinnamasta in her way of manifestation as both Goddesses possess the terrible power of lightning (vajra) (which is related to the electric force), their manifestation being terrible and instantaneous most of the time.

But while Chinnamasta confers (as we already know from the previous articles) the power to see the truth beyond any appearance (through the means of direct perception), Bagalamukhi confers the power to instantaneously stop any manifestation through the force of the Divine Logos.

Thus, the fervent worship of the two Great Cosmic Wisdoms is recommended especially to those looking for a radical and a fast transformation of their vision upon reality.

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In the tantric pantheon, Bagalamukhi is considered the leader of the “army” consisting of all goddesses (actually, this is the “army” of the Supreme manifested Energy (Shakti) that actually belongs to Shiva ) and she is its terrible and instantaneous force.

The Great Cosmic Wisdom Chinnamasta can stop our different perceptions and thus we can be aware of the Essential Divine Truth.

The active force of Bagalamukhi has the same effect but it manifests through sound, thoughts and pranic activity performed by the human being.

In other words, Bagalamukhi is the central point where we can identify ourselves with the ineffable silence, with the mysterious stillness and with the ecstatic immobility of our essential divine nature, a point which perfectly mimics all the actions in Manifestation even though it is beyond any actions.

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