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The angel of creativity is the protector of the most subtle and elevated creative abilities of the human being. He helps us to get in contact with the source of universal creativity spontaneity.

He inspires us and opens our most refined channels of receptivity in order to resonate with the divine creativity. This means that the angel of creativity sustains human being to transpose the creative power within into actions and effective accomplishments.

The angel of creativity is represented wearing a robe made with high artistry. In his right hand he keeps a tambourine, which symbolises the necessity of bringing colour, rhythm and originality in every aspect of our lives.

He opens the mysterious doors within the depths of every human being in order to put the hidden talents that every human being possesses into light. Thus, he helps us to discover our talents and put them in practice.

HIS HEAVENLY MISSION: The angel of creativity assists the full development of our creativity

HIS EARTHLY MISSION: He helps us to be creative, original and to accomplish any creative act. Also he helps us to discover and develop the talents which we are endowed with.

Tantra Magazine
The angel of creativity sustains human beings in developing and harmonizing their self expression. All the wonderful qualities of our soul should be revealed and be manifested to the full for the benefit of the entire world and this angel help us to achieve this goal.

First of all, creativity represents the expression of the souls fertility. Also, it is a state of resonance with everything that is good in the universe. So, to be creative means to be capable of permanently reflecting the beauty and divine harmony in all your actions, words, gestures and attitudes.

Thus, this angelic being encourages us to create a better world, full of harmony and beauty. Also, he stimulates our senses and minds in such a way that we become capable of always seeing the wonderful and good aspects of every thing, situation, being, or phenomenon.

This spontaneous, pure and sincere transfiguration that is awakened in the human being by the angel of creativity makes that human being a vivid instrument for a better world.

The angel of creativity is the one who helps us to resonate with the sublime aspects of authentic art, either as creators or as viewers. He helps us to permanently expand our knowledge and perceptive horizon and he doesnt allow us to get into a rut or to become rigid.

Human creativity appears in many forms and this angel helps human beings to express with love and caring all the faces of our inner universe. Thus, we can be creative in any aspect of our life, from the way in which we dress and arrange our house and garden to the elevated artistic manifestations such as painting, poetry, music.

Tantra Magazine

We can always be creative with the help of this angel. In a miraculous way he gives us his inspirations to transform the deepest levels of our being in order to harmoniously express both our innate gifts and our wonderful dreams.

The angel of creativity joyfully blesses all our good forms of self expression and all our good actions. He wants to transmit the divine light which is full of joy and happiness through us and into every aspect of our lives.

We pray to the angel of creativity to guide us permanently towards everything that is wonderful, authentic and full of beauty. We pray for him to bless us with the power of creativity in everything we do.

We pray for him to bless us with the gift of free, harmonious and easy expression. We pray for him to help us manifest and effortlessly share our own individuality, and for this expression to always be a contribution to the harmony of this world and our fellow creatures.