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In order to help all men who want to fulfill their lives through eroticism and spiritual sexuality, we will give you some advice from the Taoist art of love.

At first glance, the Taoist art of love seems to be a completely different method from the Western points of view on sexuality and erotic techniques.

The technique and the practice of the art of love have formed, during centuries, the fundamental principle of sexual intercourse in China.

It is important to know that the technique we call “coitus rezervatus” has been practiced for more than 2000 years without hurting a human beings sanity and health in any way.

The essential principles of this art are: the control over ejaculation, the importance of a controlled female orgasm and the understanding of the fact that male orgasm is not synonymous with ejaculation.

What do Ancient Taoist Texts Say? And what do Modern Sex – Specialists Say?

Motto: “While some fall because of the earth, other more intelligent people, rise up with its help.”


By taking some information from the ancient eastern tradition, modern sexology confirms certain essential aspects on human sexuality. Americans and Frenchmen have published two reports called “THE HITE REPORT” and “THE PLENITUDE PROGRAM”.

Both studies claim that the main error most people make due to ignorance and habit is to think that ORGASM AND EJACULATION (ALONG WITH ITS FEMININE COUNTER PART) ARE THE SAME THING. There is nothing more false than that! Several orgasms can be experienced without ejaculation (discharge).

Modern sexology has also made some progress towards couple harmony. Taking into account the factors that disturb the harmony of a couple (for example the short period of an erotic game), Swedish sex – specialists described a special way of approach called KARESSA .

It was time for the state of erotic fulfillment in a couple to appear. They said that making intercourse last longer would help the lovers emotionally mature. Also, the Swedish doctors insisted upon making the foreplay last longer so that the woman is more prepared and sexually aroused for intercourse.

They also recommend delaying the ejaculation (discharge) for as long as possible by entering static positions at the peaks of pleasure.
Western statistics show that the average period of time it takes for a man to reach his ejaculatory orgasm is about 5-10 minutes.

And that period has been further reduced because of nervous tension, inappropriate food and especially because of cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol which greatly diminish a man’s virility. In women’s case things are different.

Statistics have shown that a woman needs at least half an hour in order to reach her orgasm. So you can see how hard it is for a woman to experience a state of deep satisfaction and erotic fulfillment when the man is not prepared.

This is the main cause of women’s irritability and irascibility. This situation can be improved only through changing one’s perspective on sexuality. Have you ever thought about what was the reason why medical research shows that 90% of women do not experience the intense pleasure of an orgasm?

A Taoist philosopher, WOU-HIEN, very clearly said:
“The masculine belongs to the Yang.
Yang’s particular property is that it can be easily aroused,
But it also gives up very quickly.
The feminine belongs to the Yin.
Yin’s particular property is that it is slow, even hard to arouse,
But it is also hard to stop it after it awakes.”

TAO has been taught for thousands of years. The fundamental idea of the Taoist philosophy is that the energy that penetrates everything is the source of life. In the universal structure of things and phenomena, the human being is a tiny little creature that cannot hope for harmony or a happy life unless it lives in balance with this subtle, macro cosmic source of Life and Power.

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TAO is the infinite energy of nature. The one who wants to practice TAO has to be relaxed, or in other words, open and natural, in order to be able to enter into perfect resonance with this infinite energy. The Taoist art of love has been structured on the principles of this philosophy, without artifice, prudent and filled with power and flexibility.

The ancient Taoist texts recommend frequent interruptions during sexual intercourse in order to indefinitely prolong its duration. It gives the woman the possibility to feel and control her orgasm, and the man the possibility to learn to control himself and his discharge, little by little, finishing by suppressing it completely.

The most amazing conclusion that sex – specialists, Masters and Johnson have reached is that the man does not need to ejaculate at all when he makes love, except for the moment when he wants children. This is extremely important, especially when he is more than 50 years old.

Taoist specialists say that, “The man should master the art of delaying his ejaculation indefinitely until his loved one has reached enough orgasms to satisfy her. He doesn’t have to to waste his semen foolishly through ejaculation.”

Taoists teach us that the male orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. Only ignorance can make us think that ejaculation is the peak of pleasure. After it, the man becomes tired and sleepy, his eyes become heavy, he is becomes thirsty and his limbs are numbed. During ejaculation he experiences a short state of happiness and after that there are several days of exhaustion.

But if the man reduces and completely controls ejaculation, he will feel his body become stronger, his mind become refreshed, his hearing become a lot finer and his sight more penetrating. If he refuses the short pleasurable sensation that ejaculation gives him, his pleasure and his love for his woman will constantly increase.