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The Eastern tradition states that this high level of harmony is a tangible experience, which may be lived permanently by both man and woman. Thus, the erotic act becomes a path of adoring God in the temple of love, body and soul.

1. First, perform 3, 6 or 9 superficial penetrations, followed by a profound one.

2. Stop any movement when you feel you get close to ejaculation.

3. Hold each other and synchronize your breath.

4. Take a position that allows good control of the sexual energy. Focus mentally at the level of the upper chakras and the sexual energy will flow there.

Tantra Magazine
5. Focus on the balance between the Yin and Yang energies.

6. When the energy has been transmuted and sublimated, you will feel your erection decreasing, so you may once again start the dynamic movements.

7. Take this energy to the upper chakras several times, each time higher. Meditate and focus on each chakra.

Women will benefit greatly if they are active during erotic play, as the methods of sexual continence will tone up the vaginal muscles, stimulating their hormonal activity, even when they reach old age.

When one lover gets close to the ejaculatory orgasm, he/she should ask his/her lover to cease all movement. They may control the energy by sublimating it to the upper chakras, and releasing the tension accumulated in the genital area.

Tantra Magazine

This transformation occurs spontaneously in any couple aspiring for the Ultimate Reality. During a profound orgasm, the two lovers will have the experience of opening and harmonious activation of the chakras, as well as the sublimation of the energy into the “One Thousand Petals Lotus“, Sahashrara.