The feminine sexuality has been the source of many mysteries and mystifications throughout the western history.

The womans sexual organs are placed inside her body, not on the outside, as in the case of men, and therefore they were the subject of many studies, but also a lot of confusion as well.

Any man, just like any woman has to know and be familiar with some basic elements about a womans body.

Keep in mind that these are general descriptions and that the sexual anatomy of both men and women varies according to each individual person.

Going over to the womans inferior abdomen, the first discovery you will make is mount veneris, which is Latin for Venuss mountain.

As you probably know, Venus is the goddess of love. Venuss mountain is the area covering the pubic bone, and is usually covered by hair.

As a teenager, you must have felt this part of a womans body through her clothes. Venuss mountain is above the clitoris.

This area is very sensitive in the case of some women, while others will want you to focus your attention and touch much lower.

As go deeper in between a womans thighs, Venuss mountain splits into two large lips. Although they are usually called “lips”, when a woman is not aroused, they are rather flat and do not look like lips.

Unlike the exterior lips, the inner lips are hairless and are connected with other nervous membranes, just like the lips of the mouth.

When the woman is not aroused, their color varies from pink, to brown and
purple. During sexual arousal, these lips are dilated, thickened, and darker in color.

Sometimes their size can reach up to two or even three times their initial
size, and they may change their color to bright red.

These are the signs of great sexual excitation and usually announce the coming of an orgasm .

Go up the inner lips, up to the point where they meet, right beneath Venuss mountain. Here they form the hood that protects the sensitive gland of the
clitoris, which is similar to the gland (head) of the penis in its abundance of sensitive nerves.

Usually, the gland is covered by the hood, but it can easily be seen by pushing the hood backwards. The gland is so sensitive that a few women find its direct stimulation painful.

These women prefer the stimulation of the ax above the clitoris which can be felt underneath the skin as a mobile cord.

After several orgasms without loss or discharge of the sexual energy, most women who experience this feel that their clitoris is too sensitive to be touched for several minutes after.

Like the penis, the clitoris is made of erectile tissue, and the gland is filled with blood when it is aroused.

Many people compare the clitoris with the head of the penis and from the point of view of their development they both have their origin in the same
embryo tissue.

Nonetheless, the clitoris is unique in the sense that it is the only sexual organ that exists with the sole purpose of erotic pleasure.

Consequently, we can no longer think or imagine that women are less sensual
then men, because women have a body part dedicated entirely and exclusively to provide pleasure and orgasms.

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