I sometimes feel like hitting the road. I think about LOVE. I get ready for Her.

I reach the thermal water spring. I see many beautiful girls. I already feel the woman who will come to me as a gift from above. I recognize Her all of a sudden.

I undress her with my eyes. I imagine Her having innumerable orgasms. I tell Her: you are beautiful. She says: thank you. She makes room for me on her blanket. She has the figure of an Asian girl, and a voice so pleasant that she seems to kiss the air when she speaks.

I caress her. She says: don’t you think you are too daring? I answer: someone else in my position… She laughs. We are happy. We reach my home. Her voice wraps me in her sweet and sensuous tones, it warms my soul, and it is somewhere deep inside of me.

She places her feet on an armchair. I see her lace bikini. I undress her. I caress her every single part of the body, as if I wish to caress every cell of hers. Everything has become a slow blissful desire for beatitude, for perfection.

I kiss her neck. Her breath becomes hastened. We don’t make it to the bed. It is simply a magic moment. She caresses my body all over with her wonderfully sweet breasts. Time has vanished.

I caress her thighs with my palms. I touch her clitoris with my tongue. Her spring begins to flow. She moves slowly. My tongue gets deeper and deeper inside of her. She seems to split in two.

I look at her from time to time. A smile of slow happiness has taken hold of her face. Her joy is my happiness. She is ecstatic: My love, she says, you are wonderful! She takes my manhood to her chest, loving it as a child.

Then she begins to kiss it tenderly, thoroughly. Nobody hurries us. Is this a dream? Is this Reality? The magic flute comes close to the gate of kissing, making small circles to the left, then to the right. I feel she can resist no longer.

I enter her slowly and I urge her not to move. I wish I could prolong this game to infinity. But she mounts me and takes me in entirely. She is so hot and now she breaks free.

I resist heroically, my flag standing up. I should withdraw a little so I do not assist my own capitulation. I stop for a moment or two, and now here I am, climbing another peak of pleasure and ecstasy.