We hear more and more talk about the “perfect man” but he is still a rare jewel. Many men try to adapt themselves to the myth according to which men are strong, dominant, solar and have a perfect control over their emotions.
The smallest signs of compassion, tenderness and gentleness are seen by some people as non-manly and non-sexy behavior.

This myth is spread by women who want a virile “prince charming” as a lover. However, besides these, many qualities they also want their lovers to have are to be understanding, gentle and tender.

Since childhood we have been learning to set up our goals in life and then to work hard to achieve them. When lovemaking is seen as a ‘goal’ then the prelude becomes insignificant and dull, even if it is pleasant it is still considered as a simple step to reach the goal – intercourse.

If you have goals and don’t reach them, then your success is always hindered by nervousness and by fear of failure.

By encouraging a man to relax and to enjoy “erotic play”, the sensual woman can help him very much to feel pleasure without being limited by a goal.
One of the most beautiful gifts a woman can offer a man is to help him eliminate certain pressures, teaching him happiness, communication and intimacy during love making; liberating him from striving for perfection.


Medical researches regarding sexual therapy show that the majority of men consider touch as implicitly leading to intercourse.
The Sluri Hiti Report comes to the conclusion that the majority of men limit lovemaking to penetration. This myth can be changed step by step by the sensual and persuasive behavior of a woman, who is able to make him understand that passionate embraces or massages can be done without necessarily being followed by intercourse.

Such moments can often be more beautiful, warmer and full of tenderness than actual intercourse. These moments are unique and can generate a deep intimacy between the lovers.

When sexuality meant just having children, penetration was synonymous with the act of love. Yet, nowadays when the majority of couples have maximum two or three children, then erotic experiences are generally not made for procreation but rather for pleasure and the ecstasy of love.

Various studies highlight the fact that men of every age wrongly consider clitoris stimulation as not being a source of pleasure and happiness. Many men don’t even know the location of the woman’s clitoris.

As long as men think that making love is just the penis entering into their lover’s vagina until ejaculation is reached, there will be always be unsatisfied and frustrated women.

The majority people, when asked, say that their first erotic experience was not how they had envisaged. Some people have the feeling that lovemaking is somehow unnatural.

Driven by this belief many people spend their entire lives in a sterile search for the ideal person. Every love adventure brings new hopes that are often rapidly followed by disappointments.

There are people that after getting married live tormented by the thought that somewhere out there is the ideal woman or ideal man for them.

Although it is possible for magical and mystical lovemaking experiences to appear spontaneously, usually such erotic experiences only appear due to previous preparation, intimacy and knowledge of one another’s sensuality.

The intensity of pleasure increases with better knowledge of your lover and with increased mutual confidence.

Mutual knowledge, real communication and a profound understanding of the others sexuality equally contribute to a wonderful and intimate life.

So it is easy to see how the aforementioned myths can harm relationships. Having been warned about these myths, both lovers can do their best not to allow social norms and society’s myths to confuse and interfere with the harmony, love and intimacy that it is possible to be attained in a couple.