Do you really love her? Do you really care for her? Talk to her and let her know your feelings. Be close to her. Do not let her make the first move in the right direction alone.

She is hurt, isn’t she? Or at least this is how she feels. Have you never experienced those states? Do not criticize her, do not disapprove of her behavior now. Show her your love for her, and show her that she is the one for you.

Do you really realize your lover’s uniqueness? How about the uniqueness of your relationship? Each person has “something” mysterious and characteristic to them.

Close your eyes for a second. Can you feel your lover? Do you know it is her? How can there be comparisons then? Have you ever thought that a tulip is more beautiful than a rose? Such a question would not even make any sense would it?

Half measurements attract half measurements. Do you think she is suffering? Do all you can to make her understand that you are 100% present in her life, that you are completely fascinated by her.

Because you are, aren’t you? Understand her desires and fulfill them even before she has a chance to utter them. The joy will not linger in making itself seen on her sweet face. Where could jealousy fit into now? There is nothing worse than a common relationship.

Do you want to experience the extraordinary? OFFER IT! Be the Prince Charming in her life, the unforgettable man, the love of her life. She has been waiting for you all her life.

Act nobly and be self-giving, be inventive and full of surprises. Do not be worried, because she will never be bored. You can make your presence visible in her life without words, in silence, in the most unexpected and surprising ways.

Do you keep the fire of your passion alive with gestures of love and affection? Have you ever wondered what she would say if one day she came home and found flowers everywhere, even in the most unexpected of places? In the drawer, on the pillow, in the kitchen, rose petals in the tub filled with warm and inviting water… Wouldn’t she respond with greater love to such manifestations of affection and tenderness?



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