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Myths about men – Part 1
Myths about men – Part 2
Special techniques for penis enlargement – Part 2
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Subject: Myths About Men

A quotation from the article:
“The myths according to which men know what they have to do without needing to be told is obviously false and destroys many relationships and marriages. In reality, men have more to learn about sexuality than women, because women have various erotic responses.”

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Darrel tells us something about this subject:
“Hi everybody. I would like to tell you my opinion about this subject found in the article called “Myths About Men”.

As I approach the age where men are supposed to relive their teenage years, it seems okay to address size, not because of a feeling of inferiority, but from the aspect of wanting to accommodate women who need more girth. I am long enough for most.

I have even been told that I am larger than some sexually active women have seen. But, because I am tall and attract tall women it may help to have a little more thickness for them. Finally, I would say that what has helped me with dependable effectiveness is simply asking the woman what she likes.

That’s the way I can immediately learn how to give her the most pleasure. I have never heard any woman openly say that she wants a man with a bigger penis until I viewed an Internet site for swingers and actually read about dozens of women who were specific about the size they wanted.

So, if more men are feeling a bit uncertain about their manly proportions I’d say it is warranted because of the increased sexual openness that western women are expressing, matched with the increased objectifying of men’s body parts.

I will also say that men who are confident about themselves and their sexuality are generally healthy and well rounded people. They also have a good attitude towards women. On the other hand, men who lack sexual confidence will notice that this poor attitude can manifest in other areas of their life including work. Sexuality has a great influence in the lives of people in many different ways outside of the bedroom.”

Subject: Special Techniques For PENIS ENLARGEMENT – Part 2

A quotation from the article:
“Here is the procedure: some special rings are inserted around the non-erect penis until they cover almost its whole surface. In time the penis loosens up and it becomes longer because of the great number of rings and because of their weight that force it to enlarge. When the penis becomes longer, new rings are inserted until it reaches the desired size.”

Tantra Magazine
About this subject Fernando tells us:
“I have been using copper rings for 7 days now, and have already increased a 1/4” in length (measured at rest). Proper rings can even be bought at curtain supply stores.

I am circumcised, and the toughest part was keeping the rings from falling when the penis was hanging, since, as mentioned in your article, it elongated and became flaccid, so the rings would slide down (very embarrassing to suddenly have a copper ring hit the floor during a meeting or when walking).

I solved this in a very primitive way: I got myself a small copper ring, so small it would hardly slide over the glans and up to its narrow base. After inserting this “retaining ring”, I slide all the bigger rings, leaving enough “slack” on the penis tip to allow them to slide over the small ring, thus preventing the bigger rings from passing the enlarged skin area formed by the “slack” skin.

The only really uncomfortable part is when you experience a spontaneous erection with this retaining ring on, since it is so small that the glans is “strangled” for a moment. This can be painful.

Another discovery was to play with different sizes of rings, from the ones that only fit the penis diameter, to bigger ones that won’t allow the smaller ones to pass through their insides.

Therefore, you may place one ring “inside” a bigger ring, allowing for more rings to be worn and adding weight without the discomfort of having your whole penis length wrapped in rings (just from the lower half to the tip, but with plenty of rings to cover your whole penis if set side by side and even more).

What you do is use the tightly fitting rings as reins to the bigger rings, and let them hang altogether. This way, I have been able to increase from 12 rings to 22 rings (about 1/2 pound’s weight) with no discomfort at all.

Another important thing is that you need to wear loose-fitting pants and underwear, it is embarrassing to drag your ringed penis around in tight pants.

I will continue growing my penis to a size I consider satisfactory (7~8″ erect, because under all and standard measures, it is a small one, only 5″ erect).

God bless you for your advice, since my wife is also helping me place the rings, thus adding an extra ingredient in our relationship.”