If touching of your scrotum is not part of your habit, it should very well be. Testicles respond very well to sensitive and gentle touching, although there are quite a few men who like firm caresses as well.

The rotation of the testicles will increase the secretion of testosterone, which will bring you a surplus of potency, both through the increase of the secretion of sperm, and through the better state of health that derives from this.

When practicing self-stimulation you have to explore the point placed between anus and sex. Pressing this point before ejaculation will delay it and even prevent it from happening.

However, in the beginning you should only explore this point to get pleasure from it. Pressing this point may bring a supplementary afflux of blood into the penis, which will make it vibrate in a pleasant way.

Strong, rhythmical pressure applied to this point imitates the contractions of the prostate, which usually accompany orgasm in the contraction phase.

You should stimulate this point after you have an erection for best results.

If you do not experience intense sensations, or if you feel discomfort, stop and begin again when you are more aroused. If you do not like being touched there, turn your attention to the scrotum and testicles.

It is very important that you take your time and enjoy the sensations that come along and remain focused in order to prevent ejaculation. Modern studies about masturbation indicated the fact that if a man can resist 15-30 minutes of self-pleasing, he will be able to resist ejaculation during lovemaking for as long as he wants.

It seems that this period of 15-30 minutes is critical. Once this interval passes, you made it! You have control over your sexual energy. For the beginning, this may seem as a long period, especially if you got used to “finishing” in 2-3 minutes.

Once you become aware of your pleasure, you may even reach several erotic peaks without ejaculating and you will become capable of making this erotic healing energy circulate through your body.

However, do not transform this into a mechanical act or a burden, and just like lovemaking, self-pleasing does not have to last for a certain period of time or a certain number of hours.

Both depend on the situation, on the time you have at your disposal and your mood. If you start getting bored, ask yourself why this is happening.

Did you fall into some kind of a routine? Did your touch become mechanical? Do you focus too much on your genital area? Are you distracted? If you cannot focus, perform some concentration exercises before attempting this.

A hot bath, some sesame or olive oil, even a massage may prove helpful in the beginning, as well as dimming the light or even lighting some candles.

You could sit in front of a mirror and watch your body very closely, trying to discover its sensuality. Touch your hand and arms, feet, hips, chest, and nipples. Explore your body entirely in order to bring out the most sensual part of you.